Q: What's better than David Tennant with flame-red hair and trendy shades?


A: David Tennant with a flame-red bob, trendy shades and cross-dressing as a demonic Mary Poppins-esque nanny, that's what.

Good Omens episode one sees the fast-living demon Crowley (Tennant) and the bibliophile angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) compete over the moral schooling of the (supposed) Antichrist, a young boy called Warlock.

Both don rather odd-looking disguises: Aziraphale dresses up as a buck-toothed gardener, while Crowley wears an austere black dress and carries what looks like a parrot-headed umbrella.

While Aziraphale's gardener teaches Warlock about the importance of respecting all living creatures, including "brother snail" and "sister slug", Crowley's nanny has a rather nastier lesson for the boy, which he enforces by singing a Satanic lullaby:

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Go to sleep and dream of pain,

Doom and darkness, blood and brains,

Sleep so sweet, my darling boy,

You will rule when Earth’s destroyed.

A rather sinister ditty, but one with a definite purpose: Crowley is attempting to prepare Warlock for his life as the Antichrist who will bring about the End Times and the destruction of the world (well, at least that's what he tells his bosses, anyway...).

You can catch a glimpse at Crowley's Satanic nanny in the clip below:


Good Omens will be released on Amazon Prime Video globally on Friday 31st May 2019 and will air on the BBC later in 2019