The final season of A Discovery of Witches is soon to arrive on UK TV screens, and according to one of its stars the fantasy drama’s final episodes will raise the stakes higher than ever (no pun intended).


“What we see is the culmination of everything that they’ve been trying to find out about what’s going on with vampires; the origin of witches; and that all colliding in one big melting pot in season three,” Steven Cree, who plays vampire Gallowglass, told

“And we’ve also got the villains of the piece, very much kind of hatching away in the background as well with Trevor [Eve] and Owen Teale as well. You know, I think it’s basically just everything intensified and ratcheted up.

“Things get darker in season three. There’s definitely not as much levity, even from Gallowglass.”

In fact, Cree’s ex-mercenary character is set to go through the wringer more than anyone in season three. The last time fans saw him, he was helping witch Diana (Teresa Palmer) and vampire relative Matthew (Matthew Goode) navigate 16th-century London – now, 400 years later in the present day he’s nursing some new troubles, which will become apparent over the course of the new episodes.

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Fans of Deborah Harkness’ All Souls book trilogy may already have some idea about the issues Gallowglass faces (which we won’t spoil here) – but either way, viewers are sure to see a different side of Cree’s character.

“He enters into real conflict, which I think for any actor, that’s something that’s interesting to play, if the character has some sort of conflict, be that inner or outer – then it gives you something to play against,” Cree said.

A Discovery of Witches
Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer in A Discovery of Witches (Sky)

“And obviously, as well, in season two, I’ve described him a bit as like Fun Bobby from Friends, almost. In season three there’s definitely a loneliness and a kind of mystery lurking inside Gallowglass. I think he finds it a little harder to be as light and quick with the laughs as he was in season two.”

He added: “I think he’s really tortured by it. It’s really eating him up. And as we see, there’s this kind of overbearing weight on his shoulders that he carries through the whole time.”

Altogether, it sounds like characters and fans alike are in for an emotional journey in A Discovery of Witches’ final hours. Get those tissues ready.


A Discovery of Witches comes to NOW and Sky Max on Friday 7th January. For more, check out our dedicated Fantasy page or our full TV Guide.