If you’ve ever come across manga by chance, it was probably a copy of Hunter x Hunter.


Based on the series created by Yoshihiro Togashi, the story became so popular that the anime version ended up being adapted twice.

A young boy called Gon is at the centre of the narrative, who learns that his long-gone dad is actually famous for being a world-renowned hunter.

Gon wants to become as successful and great as his dad is, leaving his home island to try and pass the Hunter Examination.

Gon’s success as a hunter will determine whether he can meet his father, so his aim to become the best hunter in the world comes with a lot of pressure.

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Unsurprisingly, his journey isn’t an easy one, meaning the Hunter x Hunter franchise has been pretty easy to expand.

Though it feels unlikely that any new instalments will be in the works, there’s plenty to catch up on. Here’s everything you need to know about watching Hunter x Hunter in full.

How to watch Hunter x Hunter 1999

The first iteration of Hunter x Hunter started in 1999 and lasted through to 2003. Including the OVAs, there’s a total of 92 episodes, which have been praised by fans for their distinct animation style.

Though this adaptation largely focuses on the Hunter Exam arc, there are filler episodes that can be skipped if needed — which can largely be found in the OVAs.

Here’s the chronological and release order for how to watch Hunter x Hunter:

  • Hunter X Hunter (1999)
  • Hunter X Hunter: Spider (OVA, 2002)
  • Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island (OVA, 2003)
  • Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island Final (OVA, 2004)
A still of Hunter x Hunter with one character in the foreground, and two characters fighting in the background
Hunter x Hunter. Crunchyroll

How to watch Hunter x Hunter 2011

The 2011 version of Hunter x Hunter is essentially a reboot of the 1999 one, meaning that you could watch either version in any order.

Going beyond the Hunter Exam arc, the 2011 version takes much more of the story in that the 1999 original. Racking up 148 episodes by the time it finished in 2014, this version essentially acts as its own standalone story.

Watching this Hunter x Hunter adaptation will look something like this:

  • Hunter Exam arc (Episodes 1-26)
  • Heavens Arena arc (Episodes 27-38)
  • Phantom Troupe arc (Episodes 39-58)
  • Greed Island arc (Episodes 58-75)
  • Chimera Ant arc (Episodes 76-136)
  • Election arc (Episodes 136-148)

How to watch the Hunter x Hunter films

On top of the two original adaptations, viewers also have the option to add the Hunter x Hunter films to their watch list.

Released while the 2011 version of Hunter x Hunter was still going, these films aren’t considered to be canon — meaning they won’t have a huge effect on the overall story.

At the same time, both of them offer up plenty of new information, fleshing out the plot lines that you might already be familiar with.

Here’s the best order to watch the Hunter x Hunter films:

  • Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge (2013)
  • Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission (2013)

Where to watch Hunter x Hunter in the UK

Episodes of Hunter x Hunter can currently be streamed on Crunchyroll by UK fans.

Additionally, the Hunter x Hunter films can be found on Prime Video.

You can catch Hunter x Hunter on Crunchyroll. Sign up to Crunchyroll from $7.99 per month with a 14-day free trial.

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