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Exclusive – Angela Scanlon details surprising change in Your Home Made Perfect season 3

The presenter returns for a new series of Your Home Made Perfect on Monday, 24th May

Angela Scanlon Your Home Made Perfect
Published: Monday, 24th May 2021 at 8:00 am

Angela Scanlon is back for a brand new series of her BBC Two show Your Home Made Perfect, starting tonight.


The show, which sees people transforming their homes, will welcome five new architects, plus original team member Laura Jane Clark.

But, the architects aren't the only new addition to the show, as Angela revealed a surprising change to series three.

Speaking exclusively to, the presenter said the types of transformations on the new series were particularly "brave", with homeowners opting to improve their properties for themselves rather than to add value and sell up like in previous series.

Your Home Made Perfect

When asked what surprised her most about the new series, she replied: "The bravery of people who are really thinking about what they want to do in their homes! I think maybe in the first couple of series we had a lot of people who wanted an open plan living space and a playroom for the kids and a nice bright kitchen. This time round, there was a kind of appreciation and an understanding of, let's say, light and the quality of the space, rather than just the size of the space.

"They properly thought about how they want to live and what's important to them, rather than going, 'We want to add value to this house and add another room that doesn't serve any function that we never live in on a daily basis but on an estate agent's brochure would add an extra room and might get us a little bit of money – if we sell, which, by the way, we have no intention of doing."

Now, Angela says there's more of an understanding of the "value" a good space can bring to the home when it comes to renovating, which has come about due to many of us spending more time at home during the pandemic.

She continued: "That for me was a very big shift with how people are looking at their houses and wanting to experience life in their home, which has been totally amplified over the course of lockdown. I think it's amazing because you get a sense of rooms that don't work, where the light is in the morning, whether that room makes sense and so on.

"It's people really living in their homes and then deciding with their eyes open what they want to do and how they want to live and that for me feels very inspiring to see people go, 'F*** it! I don't want to live by the rules anymore. I want a yoga room instead of a wardrobe!


Your Home Made Perfect series three starts on Monday 24th May on BBC Two at 8pm. See what else is on with our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Entertainment hub for more news.


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