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Where was Rick Stein's Secret France filmed? Where each recipe was cooked up

The complete location guide to visit France's hidden gems

Published: Tuesday, 10th December 2019 at 8:31 pm

Rick Stein's search for France's best-kept gastronomic secrets is soon coming to an end, with the last episode set to air on 10th December.


The stunning French locales, however - and indeed the local delicacies - are thankfully here to stay, with the grilled sausages of the Pyrenees mountains and the Mediterranean's finest fish only a road trip away.

Here's a guide to all the not-so-secret locations Rick dines at throughout the series. Rick Stein's recipes have already been released in a new companion cookbook of the same name, Secret France. 

Pyrenees mountains

Episode five, airing on 3rd December, largely takes place at the base of the Pyrenees mountains, specifically the county of Roussillon and the village Eus. The area has a complicated history having been a territory of both France and Catalonia over the years, and is where Rick enjoys snails, sausages and local speciality aioli, a garlic mayo adored in Southern France.


The final episode, scheduled for 10th December, begins in the Languedoc, a region in Southern France known for their extensive vineyards and significant production of wine.

Cassis and Uzes

He then crosses down to the Provence, south-eastern France, where he visits the towns of Cassis and Uzes. Cassis is a harbour town located on the Mediterranean coastline, and as well as offering stunning views and seafood is where Rick enjoys a locally-cooked North African lamb chorba. Uzes is a border town in Southern France, and is where Rick samples salt cod and French patisserie.


Earlier in the series, Rick was at the Norman port of Dieppe, famous for its scallops, and where Rick ate the flatfish Turbot, before foraging for sea herbs in the Bay of the historic Somme area.


Rick explored eastern France in episode 2, heading to Alsace for his favourite french dish choucroute garni and to Jura for his favourite French cheese comte. If you're not already drooling, then the historic region of burgundy is where Rick sampled the area's famous wine, as well as their traditional dish oeuf en meurette.


Episode three further explored Burgundy but also filmed in Auvergne, a mountainous area in central France famous for hearty meals of beef and Cantal cheese. In particular, he visits the city of Clermont-Ferrand, where he samples the local coffee as pictured above.


If you're a fan of historical markets then the city of Perigueux, the backdrop of episode four, will be a place of interest for you. The region is also famous for its black truffles, walnuts and decadent duck dishes.

Where can I get Rick Stein's recipes?


Rick Stein has published a companion book to run alongside the series with all the recipes included. The book is called Secret France.


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