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Watch Monica Michael's original X Factor auditions

In 2014 Monica delighted the judges with her own song Pretty Little Sister. Things didn't work out at Six Chair Challenge, but she's back and fighting for it this year logo
Published: Saturday, 12th September 2015 at 3:30 pm

Monica Michaels returns to The X Factor tonight after losing out on a spot in Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's top six last year. 


Then in the in-room auditions, Monica stunned the judges with her own song Pretty Little Sister, which she dedicated to her 16-year-old sibling. 

"We've just scratched the surface with you - you are why we make shows like this," Cowell grinned as Chez gave her the good old X Factor "1000% yes". 100% is never enough on this show. 

"You're just real, from the core," Cheryl added. "It really touched me, because my sister writes me poems, she has since we were little, so I completely related to that song. For that to be your song, that tells me you're super talented. I absolutely loved that song, I would download it tomorrow." 

Unfortunately for Monica, things didn't work out at the Six Chair Challenge stage of the competition. It was Cheryl's first experience of the then new format, dubbing it "hell" at the time. In fact, this year she admitted she'd quite like to get rid of that section of the show.

But it was clear from the moment Monica said she was going to be singing Olly Murs's Troublemaker Cheryl wasn't sure. 

"I know what you're capable of. I don't know why you would do an Olly Murs song," Cheryl said. And - with the sound of a ferocious Wembley booing her decision - Cheryl told Monica she couldn't give her a chair.

But Monica's back, saying that she wants to show the children she works with that if you don't succeed you keep going back. 

"I'm so happy to see you," Cheryl admits as she takes to the stage. "You were the biggest regret of my category last year."


So, how does Monica get on tonight? Tune in from 8:00pm on ITV


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