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When is The Heist series 2 on Sky One? Where is it filmed?

Everything you need to know about the return of the innovative entertainment show, including exclusive first-look images

Published: Tuesday, 21st January 2020 at 11:59 am

Sky’s entertainment show The Heist is returning for a second run next month.


The series, which sees ordinary citizens of a small town take on an extraordinary game, was a huge hit with viewers when it debuted in 2018.

Here’s everything you need to know about series two…

When is The Heist season 2 coming to Sky One?

The Heist season two airs on Sky One and NOW TV from Thursday 6th February. All episodes will be available on demand.

What is The Heist about?

In a unique and innovative format, the show sees a group of nine members of a local community team up to plan an audacious heist to “steal” a large cash sum, which they are then forced to hide from a team of Britain’s best detectives for 20 days.

The concept is fairly simple – if they can keep the cash hidden for 20 days, it’s theirs to keep!

The first series saw the thieves nab £250,000, but can exclusively revealed that the cash pot has been risen to an epic £1,000,000 for season two!

Executive producer Matt Bennett said, “This deliciously mischievous series will once again ask inventive, ordinary folk to plan and commit the perfect heist and runaway with the proceeds of their crime, which they must keep hidden from our team of detectives.

“On the one hand, The Heist unashamedly appeals to the uniquely British love of a good detective story, yet on the other, it revels in the dramatic twists and turns of a criminal caper, full of rich personalities and good humour.”

Where is The Heist filmed?

The first series of the show was filmed in Thirsk in North Yorkshire, but the second is moving to Northumberland – specifically the historic market town of Alnwick, with all the participants being local residents.

Shirley Jones, commissioning editor of entertainment at Sky, said, “So many people thought they could do better than the thieves and easily outwit the detectives, so we’re throwing down the gauntlet and calling for the local people of Northumberland to join in for round two in this battle of cops versus robbers.”


Are there any images of The Heist season 2?

Yes! Radio Times has some exclusive The Heist series two images:

The Heist
The Heist

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