ITV gameshow The Cube is returning after a five-year hiatus for fewer episodes but higher stakes – a jackpot of £1 million is up for grabs this time.


The Phillip Schofield-presented programme challenges contestants to complete a series of tasks within a 4-metre by 4-metre by 4-metre cube – the perfect gameshow format for these socially distanced times.

The five-episode series will see contestants from the same households take on The Cube games solo and brand new two-player challenges.

Here's everything you need to know about the gameshow's return and how you can apply to take part.

When is The Cube back?

The new series starts on Saturday 17th October at 9pm on ITV.

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It will then continue throughout the week with members of the public, who are all hoping that they have what it takes to beat the mighty Cube.

Filming started on Monday 10th August and the series will consist of five one-hour episodes, as well as a one-off celebrity special, which will see various famous faces take on The Cube in a bid to win £250,000 for their chosen charity.

Who is the host of The Cube?

This Morning's Phillip Schofield is returning to host The Cube once again.

The TV presenter is best known for hosting Dancing on Ice, All Star Mr & Mrs and Going Live! He presented nine series of The Cube, from 2009 until 2015.

"The Cube is such a cracking format but with the players now in teams and a whopping million-pound prize fund, it now means this high-pressure environment has just got tougher," he said in a statement. "I can’t wait to be reunited with the legendary Perspex Cube!"

Ahead of the first episode of the revived show, Schofield added, "It’s been six years since we were last in the studio and once everybody started talking through the new series and began working on it, it turned into something really quite extraordinary. We got into the studio and it looked amazing. We filmed it in studio one of Television Centre which is a very personal studio for me, I loved being in there. It was the first time I’ve ever done my own series in there so that was really quite incredible."

The Cube

The Cube: format changes

The return of the show sees a few changes, some of which are a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The series will see pairs of contestants – both from the same household, of course – take on the Cube, including former Strictly dancer Kevin Clifton and his TV presenter partner Stacey Dooley.

Schofield said, “In the years (since we’ve been off-screen) the tech has evolved and everything has improved enormously. I knew technically it was going to look amazing, which it does, but what I didn’t realise was how different a dynamic it was going to be with the changes that we’d made.

“You make changes to a show, as well as the huge new Million Pound prize it’s now two players, and you wonder ‘why didn’t we always do it like this?’. Playing The Million Pound Cube could be mother, daughter, brothers, sisters, father-son, father, daughter, it can be any combination because we were looking for people who were in their own bubbles.”

Which games will be played on The Cube?

This new series of The Cube will see pairs of contestants take on seven different games, with just nine lives to get them through the episode. Each game is worth an increasing amount of money as the contestants move closer to the million-pound prize fund.

While ITV has not yet confirmed exactly which games will reappear and which challenges are brand new, we do know that players will face "deceivingly simple tasks" like throwing a ball into a container, balancing on a beam or stopping a clock at precisely 10 seconds.

According to the channel, players will have to overcome tasks such as throwing a ball into a container, balancing on a beam or stopping a clock at precisely 10 seconds.

Schofield said, “You’ve got new games that have been invented because there are now teams of two. We’ve also adapted one of the iconic games and turned it into a two-player game and you’ve got the games you would expect, that everyone loves to play and loves to watch and loves to think they could do.”

How do I apply to be on The Cube?

If you reckon you have what it takes to take on The Cube, you can be in for a chance of winning £1 million by applying on The Cube's production company's website.

Although the series isn't casting now, last time they were looking for competitive teams of two people from the same household with "a mix of abilities and personalities"

The deadline for applications was 6pm on 26th July 2020.

Stay glued to this page for details about how to apply to be on The Cube.


The Cube will return to ITV later this year. If you’re looking for something to watch, check out our TV Guide.