Meet V5 – the super influencers competing in The X Factor: Celebrity

International influencers Sofia, Alondra, Laura, Wendii and Natalie are all hoping to win some likes from the judges...

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The X Factor: Celebrity on ITV

Pictured: V5 [Alondra Martinez, Natalie Valerin, Sofia Oliveira, Wendii Sarmiento, Laura Buitrago].

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Five international influencers are swapping Instagram stories for live performances, in the hopes of translating ‘likes’ into votes and winning over the judges — and the public — with their soulful and modern music in this year’s The X Factor: Celebrity


Here’s everything you need to know about V5…

Meet V5…

Names: Alondra Martinez, Natalie Valerin, Sofia Oliveira, Wendii Sarmiento, and Laura Buitrago

Occupations: International social media influencers, with a combined social media following of 11 million, and with over 250 million channel views on YouTube. If you’re on social media, it’s likely you’ve stumbled across at least one of V5’s stars.







X Factor category: Groups

The five social media stars have gained plenty of followers through the power of online — but they also see it as a means of showcasing their musical talents.


“It’s one of the most important things for my career!” Sofia said. “With social media I can connect with people from all over the world and they opened doors to show my talent and what I love to do. It’s a huge responsibility, you have to be careful, but this is not a downside, just a hard thing.”

Wendii added: “I think social media is extremely important. Nowadays it’s how we get to see other people’s talents and what they do as well as being able to communicate with those people that support you!

“I think there’s a downside to being in the public eye just due to the fact that so many people know who you are and some of those people don’t want you to succeed and that’s why sometimes things can get hard, but you need to be around the right people that will always be there for you.”

Can V5 sing?

Yes! They’ve all been singing since they were younger, while several have posted videos of themselves singing (either professionally or at home) — and they’re all pretty impressive.

“I always had a passion for music ever since I was a little girl, but I started taking it more seriously at the age of 11 when I did my first stage performance at a show called ‘La Voz Kids’ from there on out I knew for sure I wanted to be an artist,” Wendii, a full time singer and dancer, said.