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Strictly Come Dancing 2016: week eight - as it happened

Danny Mac tore up the dancefloor and Ed Balls broke the internet - here's what you missed on Strictly

Published: Saturday, 19th November 2016 at 5:30 pm

There's everything to play for in Strictly Come Dancing week 8, as the celebrities tap their toes for the contest's second biggest prize - a chance to dance in the Tower Ballroom during Blackpool Week next Saturday!


Who'll make it through? And whose feet will fail them at the final Blackpool hurdle?

Join us for a live Strictly party to find out...

20.20 Well, that's it from us for another week - but we'll be back tomorrow night to reveal who's been kicked out of the competition, and who'll make it all the way to the Tower Ballroom.

Surely there's room for Ed Balls in Blackpool?!?

Only time - and votes - will tell.

Nice to blog with you, to blog with you.... NICE!

20.07 Here's how the leaderboard is looking at the end of week 8.

Strictly leaderboard 2016

Surely Ed and Katya will survive after THAT salsa?

20.03 Three 9s and a 10 send Louise and Kevin straight into second place with 37 points

20.01 "You looked the part, you danced the part" says Darcey, who adds that there were only moments in lifts where the finesse went.

"You had a couple of fans over there and you've got a big fan over here" says Len. "Big spender, big attitude, and I think you're going to get a big score."

"Vamp it up Louise" growls Bruno, who says there was a LOT to offer in the dance. "You've got it ALL baby, you've got it.

"My cork was well and truly popping darling" says Craig, who loved the musicality, the mix of jazz and ballroom, and the fact that Kevin showed Louise off.

19.57 Just last week's leaders Louise and Kevin left to dance now. Can they topple Danny and Oti?

19.56 It's a TEN from Len, and Bruno too. Plus two 9s from Craig and Darcey. That's 38 for Danny and Oti.

19.53 Danny and Oti absolutely smashing up the dance floor right there with an Argentine Tango.

Craig thinks it was a little too aggressive but still FABULOUS.

Darcey's in agreement - but still enjoyed it.

Len loved the fire and ice, pain and passion, and says he was just swept away. Could he give Danny a 10?

Danny's on the boil, says Bruno, who clearly loved it. "It was a KILLER Argentine Tango" he says.

19.51 Presented without comments...

19.48 Four 9s give Claudia and AJ 36 points, the top spot on the leaderboard

19.47 It was all about the fleckle for Claudia and AJ and both Craig and Bruno were LOVING it.

Darcey thought the whole thing was very romantic and Len thinks it was a "lovely performance".

19.43 How one earth will Claudia and AJ follow that?

19.42 Ed's scores? A 4, a 7, an 8 and a 6, giving him 25 points.

19.40 Len can't find the words in the dictionary and says Blackpool would suffer without Ed.

Bruno can barely cope with what he just witnessed.

Craig only has "three letters darling"... "O.M.G".

"That, without fail, will go down in Strictly history" says Darcey.

19.38 Ed Balls just dropped the mic. We just can't.... we have no words.

19.33 An 8 and three 9s send Ore and Joanne to the top of the leaderboard with 35 points

19.30 A seriously sultry dance from Ore and Joanne right there - it's no wonder Darcey loved it.

Len's all about the timing, and seems rather impressed that Ore was able to keep time with such quiet music. "Push your heel through your calf" he suggests, but thinks it was great.

"Beautiful, my darling" says Bruno.

"I thought you hit the dance a little bit too hard" says Craig, but he thinks it was expressive and seems pleased overall.

19.26 Two 9s, an 8 and a 7 give Rinder 33 points from the judges

19.22 Craig's still on about Rinder's face, but Rinder's got a cracking comeback for him. "I haven't scored you yet darling", he warns.

Darcey's loving the flow and glide and says Rinder is becoming a "real dancer".

Len says it was "a walk in the park" and thinks it was as perfect as a Mary Berry souffle. "Your best dance" he adds.

"Smart and well turned out in a very very nice dance" says Bruno, who wants to see more of Robert and less of Judge Rinder.

19.21 A dreamy Foxtrot from Judge Rinder and Oksana coupled with Harry and Frances in the audience is melting us of a Saturday night.

19.17 A 7 and three 8s give Greg a total of 31 points, equalling Daisy on the leaderboard

19.13 "You were leaping around like a triumphant stag conquering new territory" says Bruno, but he says it needs more artistry.

"Bruno is right" says Craig, who wasn't as impressed and notes a few snags. He loved all the deep, strong lunges though. "Actually, it was a very powerful performance", he says.

"You have the perfect stature" says Darcey, but she thinks Greg sometimes gives too much of it. "You have a real natural performance" she adds. "But you're into it, and that's what's great".

"Plenty of aggression, plenty of attack, it just lacked a little finesse in the technique" says Len, to keep it short but bittersweet.

19.11 Is this a Mumford & Sons Paso Doble from Greg and Natalie? Because it feels a bit Riverdance meets the Paso meets a Mumford & Sons concert.

19.08 A 7 and three 8s give Daisy a total of 31 points

19.05 What a dance from Daisy - that hair whipping was excellent.

Len says he was "twitching" through it and despite a little blunder, was thoroughly impressed with Daisy. He included a flower pun, just because.

Bruno's all about the looks and legs and says Daisy would have Mary Berry's approval for her recipe. He agrees that there was a bit of a blunder and some issues with balance, but overall thinks it was very very good.

"Continually disjointed" says Craig, who compliments the lifts but isn't so kind about the transitions. However, he LOVES Daisy's leg extension.

"For me you were hot and groovy" says Darcey, who suggests Daisy soften her knees.

19.02 Daisy and Aljaz are talking about the difficulty of their dance on the telly.

We're far to hypnotised to pay attention.

18.58 We're loving Tess in that red dress. Anyone for spot of Chris De Burgh?


Here's Louise looking glorious and spinning in sparkles.

18.45 Sorry, we had to have a little lie down after watching Ed do his best Gangnam Style there. There was nobody around to fetch the smelling salts.

We've been watching Sinitta on Pointless to calm our nerves, and pondering can your place in the Strictly running order can actually influence how well you do in the contest?

Curious? Why not take a look at our in-depth analysis? It's super scientific... and stuff.

18.15 Pray silence for Ed Balls, and the most unforgettable sight we'll see this Saturday night.

This dance has seriously "HEEEEEEEEEEEY, SEXY LAAAABOUR" potential. Let's face it, I'm an Alastair Campbell waiting to happen here guys. Ed, give us a buzz when you want to run your next election campaign.

18.10 Competition is FIERCE this week. So fierce, in fact, that Ed's going to be attempting THREE lifts. And he says they're all harder than the one he did in the American Smooth. #pray4katya

18.00 With just 55 minutes to go, Ore Oduba looks totally ready for tonight's show...

Meanwhile, Danny and Oti are gearing up for their performance.

16.00 Elton John once said Saturday night's all right for dancing and, if past weeks are anything to go by, that's certainly been ringing true.

Just 8 dancing celebs are left in the race for the Glitterball, and only 7 of them can dance at the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool next week.

Laura Whitmore has sadly left us, but Ed Balls thinks the show can ease the pain of THAT election, so there's never been a better time to tune in.

Especially given the fact Ed's dancing to GAGNAM STYLE. #breaktheinternet


Oh, and Craig Revel Horwood's been revealing who he thinks will make it through - but who's winning Strictly for you? Leave your comments in the box below and join us back here for a Strictly party from 6pm!

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