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Stars in their Eyes could be set to make surprise return to screens this Autumn

Reports suggest that a revamped version of the talent show will replace The X Factor on ITV's schedules

Published: Saturday, 14th March 2020 at 10:34 am

Stars in their Eyes could be set to make a surprise return to TV schedules - with reports suggesting that ITV are considering reviving the talent show to fill the void left by The X Factor.


According to The Sun, the show, which was a huge hit in the '90s, will feature a slightly revamped format - with a celebrity judging panel being introduced for the first time.

If it does go ahead, it won't be the first time it has been brought back since its original run - Harry Hill fronted a version of the show back in 2015 which failed to make a significant splash in the ratings.

But it is believed ITV bosses reckon that an improved format could see the show take on BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing this Autumn, with long-running talent contest The X Factor set to take a break this year following consistently falling ratings.

The Sun quoted a source as saying, "This show is a huge deal for ITV — it’s their offering to take on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing in the ratings this autumn.

"There was a huge gap to fill after they found out The X Factor wouldn’t be back and this series seems like the perfect solution.

“It’s a new take on Stars In Their Eyes. Members of the public will get dolled up and sing their idols’ songs on stage, just like the old format, but this time they’ll be judged by a celebrity panel."

The identity of the judges has not been decided on yet - although the source promises "good names -" and it is also not clear who will host the revived show.

Matthew Kelly was the host for the original version, which ran from 1990 to 2006.


ITV has already had some success with talent show formats this year with the inaugural series of The Masked Singer proving a hit with viewers - an average of 6.4million tuned in to see the final in February.


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