Rylan got stuck in a lift for 45 minutes after Xtra Factor Live

At one point, the Moët ran out and they didn't know what on earth they were going to do #LiftGate


Fresh from a brilliant first episode of Xtra Factor Live, one half of the hosting duo Rylan Clark-Neal got stuck in a lift for a whopping 45 minutes.


If that wasn’t bad enough – god help them all – the Moët ran out and they didn’t know what they were going to do.

There were nine people stuck in said lift and looked about as cramped as you can imagine. One would have thought it would have been quite the robust lift given it states it can hold the equivalent of either ‘one horse, 5,050 bananas, 6,666 hen eggs, 2,941 pigeons, 88 haddock or 10,526 pound coins.’

But there they were, waiting for a lift operator, sweating, sweating and sweating a bit more.

“We might be doing Xtra Factor Live from the lift tomorrow,” Rylan joked, before continuing to post messages that got increasingly more dramatic – including but not limited to – ‘we’re gonna die’ and ‘Jesus save us for our sins’.

But it’s OK. Eventually one of the show’s runners, who used to work for a lift company, figured out how to get them out with the help of a broom handle (we should find out which lift company it was that they used to work for and never, ever use them) and Rylan could thank his fans for the kind messages about the new show.


The Xtra Factor Live returns tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2