DNA and Ned Woodman suffer slip ups during their performances in the Britain’s Got Talent final

The magicians and nine-year-old both had blips during their routines


With so much pressure riding on the Britain’s Got Talent final performers, it’s no wonder that not every act this evening has gone exactly to plan.


After nine-year-old comedian Ned Woodman bravely continued with his stand-up routine and made it to the end of his performance after he forgot his lines, mind readers DNA also made a mistake in their act.

After David Walliams was asked to read out the page number of the book he was looking at, he said the number 31. However, Darren from DNA had actually written down a different number.

“Very close. I’m going to change it. I did get 81. Excuse me,” said Darren as he scribbled over the incorrect number.

“It felt like there was perhaps a little stumble in there someone but that just shows how hard what you do is,” said David, while Alesha added: “Stumble or not you are one of the most original acts we’ve had on the show this series. I just think you’re fantastic and so many people have been talking about DNA.”

“You are just a fascinating couple of blokes,” said Amanda. “And I had no idea how technical it was as well. As the other guys have said you had a great showmanship and I just can’t take my eyes off you when you’re on stage.”

However, Simon was less complimentary. “OK well this is one of the first times I’ve seen something go wrong but that makes you human,” he said. “I’m going to be honest with you, what you were doing at the end I found it very complicated. I’m just frustrated for you that the end didn’t have that big punchline I think it needed.”


However, DNA responded by saying that they take risks every time with their performances.