Ship ahoy! Or rather luxury cruise liner ahoy, as two teams of twentysomething "party animals" go head to head in a sea-borne five-day popularity contest, with stops along the way at Mediterranean hotspots to pick up more crazed party-goers.


Think Love Island meets TOWIE meets Coach Trip meets The Apprentice meets Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents.

Intrigued? Of course you are! Find out more below...

When is Shipmates on TV?

Shipmates is on Channel 4 on Fridays, starting at 11:05pm on 5th July. It's a five-parter, with hour-long episodes and the post-pub air time suggests things could get a little near the knuckle at times. Here's hoping!

What is Shipmates about?

Here's a bit more detail on what you can expect from Shipmates...

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"Two wild groups of friends board one of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world for a glamorous competition.

"For five days they are joining 1,500 party animals for the biggest bash at sea stopping off at the Med’s biggest party destinations.

"The main aim of the week is to convince the other party-goers to vote for them in a week-long popularity contest.

But wait... "On board are secret stowaways they thought they’d left at home" – judging by the trailer, it looks like that means parents and family members a la classic BBC3 reality show Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents.

"Each day the rivals can choose a stowaway to send into the opposition to cause maximum disruption. Will the stowaways help or hinder them in their bid to become popular with their fellow shipmates?

"As the ship makes it way round the Med, the teams go head-to-head in physical and mental challenges with the chance to win fantastic upgrades at each destination. But as the competition heats up, friendships are tested to the limit. Will non-stop partying strengthen or blow them out of the water?"

Good question. A bit of both, we're guessing.

Who are the teams in Shipmates? And is there a trailer?

The best way to introduce you to the two teams of party planners at this stage – and to give you a flavour of the show – is probably to let you see the trailer, which basically looks like a British spring break celebration on board a cruise liner. Enjoy.

Who narrates Shipmates?

Recognise the voiceover in the trailer? It's comedy actor Stephen Mangan, who sounds like he's having a great time squeezing as much excitement as he can muster into his narration, while simultaneously trying to keep a straight face.

You may know Mangan from BBC2's Episodes, recent comedy Hang Ups and drama The Split, as well as for his appearances hosting Have I Got News For You – and it's just possible he could be the break-out star of Shipmates.

What prize do the winners of Shipmates get?

"A trip of a lifetime to beautiful Bali." Nice.


Where is Shipmates filmed?

Setting sail from Barcelona, the ship, carrying 1,500 passengers, will sail the Med via Cannes, Ibiza and Palma, before heading back to Barcelona.