The baking continued this week on The Great British Bake Off with the contestants taking on eighties week, but for one baker it just wasn't their week.


With these three challenges standing between The Great British Bake Off 2020 contestants and the quarter finals, the pressure was certainly on.

And the high temperatures in the Bake Off tent got the better of one baker in particular.

Here's who left this week?

Who left The Great British bake Off in week 7?

With scorching hot temperatures in the Bake Off tent it was practically a recipe for disaster. And for one baker this saw their journey come to an end.

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This week's Great British Bake Off theme saw the bakers tackle Eighties Week.

First up, was the Signature Challenge where the contestants were required to make six, short crust pastry quiches.

Paul and Prue thought the spices in Dave's breakfast style quiche was too overpowering, and Laura's pastry was "tough".

The judges admitted they didn't really like the taste of beans, but Lottie managed to pull off her breakfast quiche.

Next up was the Technical Challenge, which required the bakers to deep fry six custard and jam finger doughnuts... and it didn't go too well, for some of the contestants.

Coming in last place, Dave burnt his, with Prue dubbing them a "right mess". Right behind him was Lottie with her inconsistent and "tough" bakes as Paul put it.

Laura's weren't much better, either. Although they tasted good, they looked pretty bad and the judges weren't impressed.

At the end of the challenge, these contestants found themselves in troubled water, and everything was riding on the Showstopper Challenge.

However, for Lottie and Laura things were about to get a whole lot worse.

Laura forgot to turn on the bottom which turned her mixture into ice cream for her ice cream cake, and Lottie decided to change her design at the very last minute and like she said "it didn't pay off".

In the end, The Great British Bake Off judges and hosts announced Lottie would be leaving.


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