Who is Grant Bovey? Celebrity Big Brother 2016 contestant guide

Could Anthea Turner's ex-husband be about to dish the dirt on CBB?


Name: Grant Bovey


Age: 56

Twitter: @GrantBovey

Famous, why? For being Anthea Turner’s bankrupt ex-husband

Bio: Bovey would probably like you to known him as a property magnate and film producer, but he’s really better known for marrying former Blue Peter presenter and CBB contestant Anthea Turner. He was the one who ate a flake on his wedding day, remember?

He’s since cheated on her, got divorced and declared himself bankrupt. He also reportedly just ditched his 25-year-old girlfriend so he can be single in the Big Brother house. Nice guy then…

Here he is in TV movie The Fight with Ricky Gervais: 


And competing on Hell’s Kitchen: