With two episodes of The Traitors left to air and just seven contestants remaining in the Scottish castle, fans know by now that it's not the easiest game to play – however, eliminated star Alex Gray has revealed her advice for those wanting to apply next year.


The actor and presenter, who was murdered by the Traitors in episode 8, told RadioTimes.com in an exclusive interview that it's impossible to enter the show with a game plan.

"I know, [fellow contestant] Ivan said he came in with a nine-point plan and that swiftly went out the window, because you just can't," she said.

"And also, I think even if people who have seen this then apply for next season, it's going to be a different group of people and it's gonna be a different psychology and different traitors.

"So it's kind of just a game that you can't really plan for. I would say that the best tactic is to be quiet, but not too quiet, suggest theories but make them a bit stupid so people don't think you're a threat and you just want to survive. That's essentially it."

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Alex declining the Traitors' invitation to join them on The Traitors.
Alex Gray on The Traitors. BBC

Alex added that those who are too loud at the start of the show are more likely to be murdered by the Traitors and seen as "a threat".

"And if you're too conniving and you're too game planning, people are going to banish you because they think that you're being a Traitor. So yeah, it's a fun game to play but it's very much a feeler as you go kind of thing."

Last night's episode saw the Faithfuls catch their second Traitor, with Swansea-based estate agent Amanda Lovett being banished from the game.

That leaves just seven contestants remaining, including one final Traitor – 28-year-old Wilfred Webster.

The Traitors continues on Wednesday 21st December at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer, with the finale airing on Thursday 22nd December.

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