The Great British Bake Off’s Diana Beard to appear on An Extra Slice

The GBBO contestant who was forced to leave the tent due to illness is set to tell her side of the story to Jo Brand this Friday 12 September

The truth about ‘bingate’ and Diana Beard’s exit from The Great British Bake Off could finally be revealed this Friday as the contestant appears on spin-off show An Extra Slice.


Diana is set to appear with presenter Jo Brand on The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice at 9pm tonight on BBC2, her first TV appearance since she was accused online of “sabotaging” fellow contestant Iain Watter’s Baked Alaska.

After the episode aired, Diana defended herself from the online criticism, claiming it “it was very bad editing” and that she wasn’t responsible for what happened to Iain’s dessert.

In an unrelated incident, the 69-year-old then had to leave the Bake Off tent the following week after a “freak accident” led to her losing her sense of taste and smell. Her GP was forced into writing a letter explaining the situation, saying, “Ever since this head injury, Diana has been unable to smell or taste anything. She had a number of investigations, including a CT scan and a MRI scan of her head. These showed that the nerve from the nose, the olfactory nerve, which transmits taste and smell to the brain, had been completely severed as a result of the impact.”


Tonight, though, viewers will be able to hear from Diana herself, and finally clear up exactly what happened on that heated weekend in the Bake Off tent. Don’t miss it – 9:00pm, BBC2.