David opens up about marital woes with Shareen in Married at First Sight first-look

The Married at First Sight couples meet for the first time in this teaser clip for the series finale – but where is Shareen?

Married at First Sight David

The final episode of Married at First Sight 2020 airs tonight and while it’s decision day for the couples, things aren’t looking good for David and Shareen in an exclusive first-look from the finale.


In the clip, we see one of show’s couples, Michelle and Owen, waiting to meet other pairing David and Shareen for the first time to discuss their blind-marriage experiences, however they’re left flummoxed when David turns up by himself.

“Where’s your wife?” Owen asks, to which 56-year-old David replies: “I don’t even know if my wife is coming.”

He then opened up about his rocky relationship with 47-year-old events and sales manager Shareen, who took issue with David’s tattoos and survival kit in previous episodes.

“We’ve kind of got lots in common, loads in common – we should be perfect,” he tells Michelle and Owen. “But there’s a few fundamental differences that came out.”

“Shareen’s very spiritual, and she’s very aligned and into all that, and I’m a little bit more lists and preps.”

Michelle later asks David whether he’d give the relationship a second chance if he knew Shareen was open to it, but the clip leaves viewers on a cliffhanger, with David responding: “It’s a good question. The strange thing is that we like each other, and on paper we’re perfect for each other.”

Tonight’s final episode of Married at First Sight’s fifth series will see the two couples decide whether to stay married or to seek a divorce after four months living life as husband and life throughout lockdown.

We’ll see Michelle and Owen, whose marriage has a lot of potential, decide whether the 250 miles distance between them is too much of a deal-breaker, while David and Shareen try to find some common ground before making the big decision.


Married at First Sight concludes tonight on Channel 4 at 9.15pm. Catch up on All 4. To apply for future series of Married at First Sight please visit, channel4.com/takepart