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Meet the islanders looking for romance in Love Island: Australia

Will any of these singletons find true love? Who cares, it's great telly.

Love Island Australia season 1 cast
Published: Thursday, 2nd July 2020 at 6:06 pm

We thought we'd missed out on the show this year, after the British series of Love Island was cancelled. But the clever people at ITV2 came up with something to make it all better with a repeat of Love Island: Australia season 1 instead, throwing back to a time when social distancing wouldn't stand in the way of romance.


A bevy of bronzed singletons entered the Love Island: Australia villa and sparks certainly flew - well at least for some (sorry Jaxon!)

Here's a full list of all the cast and bombshells, who kept us entertained this summer.

Warning: this article contains spoilers about Love Island: Australia season one, which is airing on ITV2 right now.


Mark - DUMPED (Day 37)

Love Island: Australia

Instagram: @markodare91

Job: Model

He says: "I'm definitely keen on Mac - she's very attractive and she's got the personality to match it as well."

And another thing: This islander isn't just a pretty face! As well as being a model, Mark has a degree in Criminology and he was half way through his Law degree at the time of joining the show.

Kory - DUMPED (Day 35)

Love Island: Australia

Instagram: @kory_grant12

Job: Concreter

He says: "My type is naturally pretty. I'm not into the fillers and the fake boobs."

And another thing: Prior to the show, Kory had been single for two years. He was hoping to find someone he can "enjoy" his time with, and he thought that could be Millie. He also admitted he's "ready" to fall in love. Well we guess he's come to the right place... or not, come to think about it!


Love Island: Australia

Instagram: @ameliamarni

Job: Nutrition student

She says: The 23-year-old described her ideal date as an activity, saying: "Jet-skis and water sports - that type of thing."

And another thing: Amelia shared a fun fact on the show and revealed that someone had once bitten her just under the eye during a game of football - we're confused, too!


Love Island: Australia
Shelby (ITV)

Instagram: @shelbybilby

Job: Events Management student

She says: "I'm hoping to find love, obviously. I've been single for a while now so I think it's definitely time."

And another thing: Shelby is from a small city in Australia called Toowoomba. She was also learning how to ride a motorbike before the show.

Teddy - DUMPED (Day 36)

Instagram: @teddybriggs_

Job: Model

He says: "People often underestimate my intelligence because I'm so pretty. I've got the face, the body and the brains. I know it seems too good to be true, but I'm real."

And another thing: Teddy had his eye on Erin before entering the villa. Despite the fact that she was coupled up with Eden, he said "It's no competition" adding: "I think I'm definitely better looking - better body, better face, more charisma. Let's see if she needs a teddy to cuddle!" Let's hope Erin's interested, as we're not sure this Teddy will be able to bear it.


Love Island: Australia

Instagram: @domthomass

Job: Construction project manager

He says: "I'm 6ft 5in, so I'm easily going to be the tallest guy in the villa. My friends call me a big, friendly giant but I'm just a big teddy bear!"

And another thing: Dom couldn't wait to go into the villa, admitting he thinks he could "shake things up."

Edyn 'Mac' Mackney - DUMPED (Day 36)

Love Island Australia Mac

Instagram: @edyndenise

Job: Social media manager

She says: Mac describes herself as a " genuine, down to earth, easy-going, positive person"

And another thing: Ahead of her Love Island journey, Mac admitted she's "too forgiving" and always tries to see the nice in people. Will this be a weakness of hers in the villa?

Jaxon - DUMPED (Day 30)

Love Island Australia Jaxon

Instagram: @jaxon_human

Job: Stripper/ tennis coach - turned model

He says: "I've had troubles in the past finding someone, so I figured that this would be a great opportunity for me to find someone. I'm not sure if it will happen, but fingers crossed."

And another thing: Jax had his eye on Cassidy before entering the villa, saying in his promo vid: "Cassidy, I am your knight in shining armour. I have flown all the way from Melbourne to Spain to see you." That's dedication!

Francoise - DUMPED (Day 26)

Love Island Australia Francoise

Instagram: @francoisedraschle

Job: Marketing executive/influencer

She says: " I don't like guys that are wimpy. Just be a man… I like a guy who's a real man."

And another thing: Francoise was single for three and a half years before joining show and believed that it's a man's job to approach a woman, not the other way round.

Elias - DUMPED (Day 18)

Elias Love Island Australia

Instagram: @myfriendelias

Job: Personal trainer

He says: "I generally go for more creative types. Someone who is pretty driven, has an array of hobbies, multi-faceted."

And another thing: Elias said he was looking for a surfer girl and a partner he could go travelling with ahead of his Love Island journey.

John James - WALKED (Day 11)

Love Island Australia John James

Instagram: @xjohnjamesx

Job: Television personality/ DJ

He says: "[My friends] call me 'Johnny three-months'. I fall for girls quite deep, quite quick, but I also get out just as quickly."

And another thing: Before appearing on Love Island Australia, John James rose to fame on the eleventh series of Big Brother - on which he grew very close to fellow contestant Josie Gibson.

Kim - DUMPED (Day 9)

Love Island Australia Kim

Instagram: @kimhartnett_

Job: Hairdresser and bikini model

She says: "I couldn't care less if girls like me or not, I get what I want. I definitely wouldn't have a problem with splitting someone up."

And another thing: Kim is a new arrival who arrives at the villa on day two, ready to cause trouble...


Cassidy - DUMPED (Day 25)

Love Island Australia Cassidy

Age: 24

Instagram: @cattcity

Job: Barmaid

She says: "I am definitely a country girl at heart, my best feature is my smile. My perfect guy would be a sandy blonde, tattoos, nice and tall. I’m definitely the kind of girl to go after what I want."

And another thing: Cassidy had been single for eight months before going onto Love Island, and says she's definitely ready to find a man. She says she's "a tomboy at heart".


Love Island Australia Erin

Age: 23

Instagram: @erin.alysha

Job: Nurse

She says: "I’m your naughty nurse. Guys talk to me because I’m extremely hilarious and their girlfriends are really boring, girls don’t like me… If I could describe myself in five words I’d just say sexy."

And another thing: Erin came out of a three year relationship before the show. She's proud of her nursing degree and thinks that people underestimate her.

Millie - DUMPED (Day 38)

Love Island Australia Millie

Age: 24

Instagram: @millie1993

Job: Doggy daycare worker

She says: “I give the dogs cuddles and play tug of war with them - a dog is definitely easier to tame than a man. When girls are bitchy and backstabbing I’ll definitely pull them up on it. My best features are my butt and my banter. My fantasy man is a tradesman or a rugby player, someone in a manly job.”

And another thing: Millie says she finds it hard to make friends with other women. This bodes well...

Natasha - DUMPED (Day 15)

Love Island Australia Natasha

Age: 24

Instagram: @tashacherie

Job: Beauty salon owner

She says: "I get along really well with guys, I have lots of guy friends but lots of guys are friends with me for one reason. I’d rate myself an 8/9 out of 10. I’m looking for a guy who puts me on a pedestal and thinks that I’m number one. I’m pretty easy on the eye as you can see, I’ve had my boobs done. I think I’ve got a great personality."

And another thing: Natasha isn't looking for a fling, she wants real love. She's looking for a man with big muscles and a boat.


Love Island Australia Tayla

Age: 21

Instagram: @tayla.damir

Job: Beauty queen

She says: "I have done Miss Universe twice now. I can be a bit high maintenance, so I need somebody to tell me to pull my head in. I am quite a flirty person so girls get a bit intimidated as I might be trying to steal their man. When I’m interested in a guy I show that by being a bit mean."

And another thing: Tayla is an amateur boxer. She wants to find a man who is going to take the time to get to know her properly. And preferably someone tall.


Charlie - DUMPED (Day 7)

Love Island Australia Charlie

Age: 22

Instagram: @charlietaylor

Job: International rugby player

He says: “My best feature is my body! I play rugby 7s for Australia and I’ve got lots of followers on Instagram, it’s pretty wicked. My perfect woman has a great smile and a good sense of humour and she’s not too demanding, I can’t handle people who are too demanding."

And another thing: Charlie is looking for a girl he can take home to his mum. Not sure if Love Island is the right place for that... His longest relationship lasted five months.


Love Island Australia Eden

Age: 25

Instagram: @dallyeden

Job: Prison officer

He says: "I’d give myself 10 out of 10, I’m funny, I’ve got muscles, I like a good time and I love a girl that likes good banter. I’m very confident and I’m not afraid to show it. I’m looking for a girl with good looks and a personality. I don’t mind a girl who has plastic boobs and takes pride in her appearance. Biggest turn off has to be if you have bad breath."

And another thing: Eden's got a bit of a bad boy reputation - hearts are going to break.


Love Island Australia Grant

Age: 22

Instagram: @grant_crapp

Job: Electrician

He says: "I’m a sparky, a lot of girls seem to love that, I’m cheeky too. What turns me off about a girl is when they’re yapping about their hair and make up, it drives me insane."

And another thing: Grant hasn't been in love since he was 16 years old. His nickname among his friends is Elvis, as he's a big fan of the singer.


Love Island Australia Josh

Age: 25

Instagram: @joshmoss

Job: Sports administrator

He says: “Five words to describe me? I’m funny, cheeky, naughty, sexy and spontaneous. My mouth has got me into a lot of trouble in the past, girls either want to kiss me or slap me, or sometimes both if they’re into it and I’ll roll with that, I don’t mind a bit of kinkiness.”

And another thing: Josh admits he has a wandering eye, but claims he can't be blamed because it's "genetic". He's also really into space travel.

Justin - DUMPED (Day 18)

Love Island Australia Justin

Age: 27

Instagram: @justinlacko

Job: Model

He says: "I’m an international male model, I live in New York City and I party with people like Katy Perry, I rub shoulders with all the celebrities. I’m pretty good with the ladies. My dream lady would be someone who understands me as much as I understand her, she should take a lot of pride in herself too. What turns me off? Long fingernails, I absolute hate them."

And another thing: Justin says he finds it difficult to hold down a relationship because of his job.


Love Island Australia starts on ITV2 on 15th June. To find out what else is on, check out our TV Guide.


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