If over the last couple of days, it's seemed like Love Island's Laura and Wes have been heading towards the rocks, well, tonight they smash straight into them – and it seems that the couple could be damaged beyond repair.


The pair have a fraught and feisty argument after Laura asks Ellie about her intentions with Wes. When the conversation is relayed to the man himself, it prompts a huge row which sees Laura storming off and branding him "patronising".

It all kicks off when, sitting either side of an uncomfortable-looking Josh, Laura confronts Wes, saying that she spoke to Ellie about whether she fancies him.

“I did ask her how she felt about you because in my opinion, it doesn’t make me feel comfortable seeing someone flirt with you all day,” says Laura.

Laura - Love Island
Laura - Love Island (ITV)

An annoyed Wes shoots back: “she’s not flirted with me all day.”

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Continuing, Wes says: “I would tell you honestly if she was flirting with me. I think you need to realise that we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend. And I’m not saying I’m trying to jump ship, I’m not saying I’m actively looking for other people to be with, but you can’t be really protective.”

Unsurprisingly this constant reminder that she's not in a relationship, from the boy who said ‘I think I’m falling for you’ just a few days ago, doesn’t go down overly well with Laura.

In Love Island tradition, she storms off muttering “I’m exhausted, this is just too much. I don’t want to be here.”

She vents in the Beach Hut, saying: "He is patronising. I’m fuming. I’m not sleeping in a bed with him. He’s having a go at me like I’m not dealing with myself in the right way. Are you serious? Grow up! It’s baffling.”

After a night spent alone it doesn’t seem that Laura is especially hopeful that the relationship has much of a future.

She seeks council from Samira, saying, “Don’t tell me two days ago you’re falling for me and then back off when a girl comes in, and then I’ve got to win your approval. I know he’s into me, but actions speak louder than words. I have done the right thing, it’s embarrassing, he’s so patronising."

Samira agrees, “I’m not going to lie to you, cracks are starting to show these past couple of days.”

Laura confides more of her doubts in Rosie, perhaps hoping the islander most recently spurned can sympathise. “I don’t know where to go from here," she says. "We’re seeing each other, and in my eyes, we’re seeing each other exclusively, as it would be in a normal situation, so that is enough for me, and you don’t go and flirt with other girls or text other girls when you’re in that situation.”

Though Rosie's mind is probably more preoccupied with giving Adam and Zara the death stare to worry all that much about Laura’s plight.

After declaring yesterday that the next 24 hours were “make or break”, tonight Laura sets another deadline: “today really my approach is to just try and be chilled and have fun and be normal and speak to everyone, but if Wes doesn’t make an effort with me then we’re probably not really going to go any further.”

Her worries are only exacerbated when later that night she spots Wes off having a word with Ellie in the garden. She tried to shush it away as “just chat”. But could it be the spark to finally break this relationship?

Maybe they won't be having that family they talked about last week after all...


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2

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