They’ve been coupled up together from the off, and until this week had looked like early front runners to go the distance.


But after talking about starting a family (only a week in!) it seems those plans might be on hold as Wes and Laura’s relationship is hitting seriously rocky shores.

Things only get more tense during tonight’s episode, where Laura confides that “today is definitely make or break. If he’s sulking or in a mood and he doesn’t give me any affection and isn’t being fun and making me feel like a priority I’m not going to waste my time.”

After gritting her teeth as Wes went on a date with Ellie, Laura decides to stand back a bit, giving her man some space – a decision that doesn’t go over especially well with Wes:

“When you said you were standing off today, I was like ‘I’m not going to chase you around the gaff just because you think I was being off with you.’ Literally today I went about my normal villa life.”

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“No you didn’t because if you were being on your normal villa life you would have come up to me more.” Laura shoots back. Clearly her feelings of neglect from the previous episodes aren’t going away...

The fight continues until a frustrated Laura remarks, “we’re literally getting nowhere,” and then tells Wes that he’s always in a mood in the morning.

It seems cracks are starting to show in one of the villa’s strongest couples. In the Beach Hut, Wes puts forward his thoughts on their fight: “We had a complete difference of opinions and I still have a complete different opinion with Laura. It did get heated. Not to the point where we’re screaming at each other, but to the point where we couldn’t see eye to eye. I still don’t see eye to eye.”

The tension between the pair is made even clearer when Laura goes to Dani for moral support. She says “I can just see us clashing. I can’t be bothered with it Dan. I thought we were on the same wavelength but when it comes to discussing our relationship, clearly we’re not. I’m not going to invest in someone that I don’t see a future with, I’ve got no time for that."

Wes is in a similarly reflective mood in the beach hut: “Me and Laura had a bit of a barney yesterday. Yes you learn from arguments but you never forget them. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. If it keeps repeating and it’s an ongoing problem, that problem’s then going to start to fester and it’s going to become a bigger problem and it’s going to be a burden carrying forward.”

The rough waters that are rocking Wes and Laura's relationship were sparked by the arrival of Ellie into the villa on Sunday – and it seems that Wes definitely has taken a liking to her.

He admits, “I think Ellie’s a really nice girl. She’s very like-minded. And obviously with her being 20 she’s sort of on the same chapter of her life as I am.”

Looks like the nearly ten-year age gap between Wes and Laura might become a serious problem. Though she's isn’t giving up: “I will happily fight for him. I’m not going to sit back and be miserable and watch someone else move in.”

Could we be on the verge of the first big break up of the series? Not if Adam and Rosie get there first...


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2