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Love Island's Adam and Rosie are headed for a massive argument in tonight's show

No points for guessing Zara is involved

Published: Tuesday, 19th June 2018 at 2:24 pm

You know how you’ve got to appear at least vaguely likeable to the public if you stand a chance of winning Love Island? Adam doesn’t.


Although the contestant was widely-labelled 'snakey' after flirting with Megan while coupled up with Rosie, Adam (or Abs McGee, if you prefer) will make a play for new girl Zara in tonight’s episode.

When asked by the government advisor about his relationship with Rosie, Adam says: “Do you know what it is? I think things have been going reasonably well with Rosie but I’m quite open to the fact of, I tell her all the time it is early doors.

“I openly say we are not in the category of what Jack and Dani are because I’m not there personally. I would always give someone the chance.”

He adds: “It’s one of those things. And I do want to get to know you. Depending on how people act, I can’t tiptoe around anyone or walk on eggshells. There’s a lot of territory being marked.”

And that leads to Adam adopting a new tactic with Rosie: avoiding her. Which, to the surprise of nobody, doesn’t work too well when Rosie confronts him: “You literally haven’t spoken to me all day. You’ve just ignored me, basically.”

Soon an argument starts, with Rosie soon touching on the topic of Zara: “You can’t like every girl that comes in here and you can’t just go off on me.”

To this Adam gives an answer that won’t convince many viewers: “I don’t like every girl that comes in here. You asked me if I fancied Megan, no I don’t," he says. "Yeah, I probably do fancy Zara. It didn’t really mean anything before you acted like a child. We’ll agree to disagree.”

After the fight, Rosie becomes emotional when discussing Adam with the girls, making clear their relationship is over. “As far as I’m concerned with Adam, I’m completely done,” she says. “I’m not even going to give him the chance to give his wishy-washy excuses. I’ve had enough. What a little boy.”

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But, wait! It gets worse. Later in the episode, Rosie walks into the bedroom – after a night spent sharing a bed with Georgia in the garden – to see Adam and Zara chatting on the bed. “I can’t deal with this, I really can’t. I just feel so stupid,” she tells the Beach Hut soon after. “He doesn’t deserve to be here. He’s not here to find love. He’s here to go from girl to girl to girl and he can do that in Newcastle.”

However, there’s one girl who's got Rosie’s back: Dani Dyer. As well as condemning Adam’s behaviour in the Beach Hut, she decides to confront him personally. “Listen, Adam. You’re my mate, you know you’re my mate, you’re his [Jack’s] best mate, I get it, but personally, if you blanked me all day…” she starts. “I would hate it if a new girl walked in and his (Jack’s) head was turned straightaway and went ‘I fancy her.’ I’d be fuming. In fact, I’d have probably acted worse.”


Looks like Niall was right all along: you really can never trust a man with that many abs.

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