A night in the Hideaway seems to have somewhat sped things up between Love Island's Laura and Wes.


In tonight's episode of the ITV2 show, the pair actually have a conversation about starting a family. Yes, after dating for an entire week.

They go for a "romantic sunset date" together, and over a glass of vino get chatting about their age gap (Wes is 20 and Laura is 29), as well as the fact that he still lives with his mum and dad.

Laura explains: "I don’t care, I love a little toy boy. You can keep me young, it’s good… I feel like you might be a bit naughty to be honest, I just think you’re too good to be true." She also asks him if he minds that she did some glamour modelling in her past, and he says "no".

Talk then turns to whether Wes is a womaniser ("that's not my priority when I go out," he replies) and the distance between the pair back in the UK. "I came on Love Island to find love, and if we did find that then it would be amazing," reveals Laura.

Wes Nelson on Love Island 2018 episode 10
Wes Nelson on Love Island 2018 episode 10 (ITV)

"I just think everything will fall into place after," she adds. "I don’t really know where I’m going to live I guess, I’m just open to…"

To which Wes interjects: “With me! I live with [my mum and dad] at the moment but I’m looking to move out this year so I don’t want to go somewhere and have a one bedroom on my own, we’ll see what happens…”

“You’re basically asking me to move in with you already!” she laughs, before dropping in there: "I really want to have a family but I would never pressure you into…”

Laura Anderson on Love Island 2018 episode 10
Laura Anderson on Love Island 2018 episode 10 (ITV)

Before Wes replies, "no pressure, because I want the exact same thing. I’m on the same page as you."

We've got milk in the fridge that's older than this relationship, but will they become the next Love Island couple to start a family? Only time will tell.


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2