Giannina Gibelli's wedding day to Damian Powers is a day many of us will remember from Netflix's Love Is Blind.


The wild dating show – which sees couples dating in pods and getting engaged before even seeing each other – has had everyone talking since it dropped on the streaming site on 13th February.

And things got very messy (literally) when Damian decided he didn't want to marry Gigi on the show, resulting in her doing a runner.

Like a scene from Runaway Bride, Giannina legged it from the ceremony. However, it all went terribly wrong when she ended up slipping and falling in a mud patch.

But perhaps what confused fans even more is when she later confronted Damian and was seen wearing a clean, white dress.

A producer has finally cleared up the mystery of Gi's dress, and how it appeared so sparkly clean just moments after the iconic fall.

Chris Coelen, who is the executive producer on the Netflix series, explained that her mum had a lot to do with the appearance of her dress, as she spent hours cleaning it in footage which wasn't aired.

Speaking to The Metro, he said: "What you see, and what we’re able to show on the show is a condensed version of what happened. The run out of the venue, down that driveway, out into the parking lot next door… No one expected that.

"She was out there for half an hour with her mum in that parking lot. Forty-five minutes, maybe even an hour, that’s a long time. She then came back to the venue, they went up to Gigi’s bridal quarters."

Love Is Blind's Giannina and Damian (Netflix)

Chris revealed that when Gigi finally confronted Damian several hours had passed, and the chairs from the ceremony had even been packed up.

However, due to the episode being just over an hour-long, it looked as if the events had occurred instantaneously.

He continued: "You’ll notice when Damian and Gigi reunite in that scene, all the chairs are packed up. All of the guests are there, and all of the chairs, when she’s running out. The guests were basically stunned, piling out. Gigi comes back and in that ballroom, all the chairs are put away, everything’s off to the side, everything has been cleaned.

"It’s a couple hours later, it wasn’t instantaneous. She went back into the house with her mum, she was stewing, steaming and destroyed emotionally."

Thanks to her mother, who Chris describes as a "caretaker type person", Gigi managed to get most of the mud out of her dress before she came back downstairs to talk to Damian.

"She’s cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. She’s cleaning her dress like, 'You can’t have this!' Her mum cleaned her up, we didn’t clean her up, and then ultimately she decided she wanted to confront Damian, so she did."

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So, why didn't we see these scenes on the Netflix series?

The producer explained the decision to keep these scenes out purely came down to time, as they would have taken up almost three-episodes if shown separately.

"There was incredible footage with Gigi and her mum, Damien and his friends, incredible stuff that we didn’t have time to show on the show," he explained.

"We could have done a three-hour special just on the Gigi and Damian wedding, truly. We only have so much time to tell a story. I love that people have been curious about all the little details."

We wouldn't say no to a three-hour special!


Love Is Blind is available to stream on Netflix