They made it! Channel 4 reality contest The Bridge finished on Monday night with the remaining 10 contestants managing to build their bridge from the mainland to the island and collect what was left of the £100,00 prize – £80,000. But who would walk away with it?


The 10 finalists finished the bridge and were able to all make it across to the tower on the island where the remaining cash was housed after two contestants had already, legally, siphoned off £20,000 of the cash. But then they had to vote for the one person who they felt deserved it most. In an amazing scene, four of the finalists voted for the same person – Julie, the 28-year-old junior fashion designer from London, who had battled major doubts and confidence issues to make it to the final.

She was stunned: "I can't believe I've won it, out of all these amazing people, I can't believe I've won it."

The producers then pulled an unexpected rabbit out of the tin chest. She could choose to keep all the money for herself or she could share it with one other teammate.

Julie had a night on the island on her own to make the decision while the other contestants went back to the camp, where Maura tearfully revealed to the others that she'd kept £5,000 of the cash during a mission.

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After her night alone, Julie made her decision – one of "the biggest decisions" she'd made in her life.

She gave half of her money to her mentor and ally, Sly.

She explained: "The reason why I chose this person is because they’ve helped me with my confidence. My experience wouldn’t have been the same without having this person here. ‘We’ve had lots of laughs, chats, cries, and I think this person is an incredible human being.’

Sly said it was life-changing amount of money, a stepping stone: "Maybe it will even allow me to get ahead."

While tears were shed by many of The Bridge teammates, not a single one begrudged Sly his share of the prize.


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