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How will tonight’s Love Island dumping work?

Either Michael or Joanna will be shown the door in a shock twist

Published: Monday, 15th July 2019 at 12:50 pm

Just when we thought we could predict what’s going to happen in the last few weeks of Love Island, show bosses hit us with another massive curve ball.


Flack was back to launch another attack on the Islanders during last night’s show (Sunday 14th July), surprising our cast with the news that the couples' were in danger as she swanned into the ‘Island Club’ (no relation to Ibiza’s Ocean Beach Club despite obvious similarities).

To everyone’s bewilderment, the general public deemed Anton and Belle one of the villa’s three most popular couples, despite Anton deciding to openly try and chat up a Spanish shopkeeper.

The duo, alongside fellow favourites Amber and Ovie, and Tommy and Molly-Mae, were then tasked with voting on the fates of Anna and Jordan and Michael and Joanna – with Curtis and Francesca and Chris and Maura also pitching in with the decision after they were exempt from the public vote.

Jordan and Anna were saved and Michael and Joanna were forced to split – with Flack confirming only one of them will be allowed back in the villa.

Our poll indicates that Casa Amor entrant Joanna will be the one to leave in tonight’s show, but in the words of the great Theo Campbell from series three: “I think if Michael likes Joanna so much, he should go as well, really.”

It’s unlikely we’ll lose Michael at this stage, and the dumping seems quite well timed for the fireman, coming shortly after original partner Amber admitted she still had feelings for him despite his brutal and public dumping of her after Casa Amor.

Viewers are also less convinced that Michael is as “into” Joanna as he claims to be, with fans picking up on his bemused expression when Joanna told him that she was “imagining what their kids would look like.”

Even the other Islanders are sceptical about their fledgling relationship, with Jordan, Anna and Molly-Mae all remarking on Michael and Joanna’s lack of chemistry compared to what he had with Amber.

While Twitter was abuzz about how brutal last night's “shock twist” was, coming two weeks before the show’s grand final, this dumping is quite tame compared to the twist that came about this time last year.

Fans will remember that Sam and perpetually “loyal” Georgia had their relationship tested when they were offered the chance to leave the villa as a couple – or remain single and choose to date a brand new batch of Islanders.

The news floored Georgia, who famously said to Flack, “Caroline, please, don’t, I can’t, babes. I don’t want to know,” while reclining on a bench; a truly incredible scene, even by Love Island's high standards.


Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV 2


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