A Love Island conspiracy? Fans suspect cashier of being same woman as the barmaid

Eyebrows were raised, but RadioTimes.com can confirm they're NOT the same person

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Remember the cashier that appeared during the infamous Love Island 2019 shopping trip? The one Anton jokingly gave his phone number to, causing an argument between himself and partner Belle? She’s been spotted stirring things up for the Islanders. Well, at least their cocktails, anyway.


That’s according to ITV2 viewers, who are convinced the glasses-wearing shop keeper appeared on the show’s Sunday (14th July) episode in the Island Club bar.

Not only was the woman wearing similar spectacles, but she was seen sporting the same style hair and – you better sit down for this – an identical wristband.

So, what actually happened here? Did the cashier call up Anton to get a job at the bar? Are producers using and recycling actors? Have we stumbled on a giant Love Island extras conspiracy?

Perhaps not: although they look similar, a Love Island source confirmed to RadioTimes.com that the cashier from the shop was not serving drinks in the Island Bar. They are two different women – probably much to Anton’s relief.


Love Island is on 9pm tonight, ITV2