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Love Island first look: Anton is heading for bust-up with Belle after flirting with Spanish cashier

Plus, Tommy Fury goes food shopping for the very first time

Published: Friday, 12th July 2019 at 2:57 pm

Remember how much we loved to debate whether Georgia Steel was loyal or not on Love Island 2018? You know, the argument that definitely didn’t become a meme after it refused to die out? Well, you’re in for a treat: this year’s series might be on the verge of a similar dispute – all thanks to Anton's wandering eye syndrome.


Yes, the hopeless-in-love Islander could cause quite the stir tonight after giving his phone number to a Spanish cashier – before telling partner Belle he’s loyal in a relationship.

After being tasked to cook for the villa tonight, Tommy, Jordan and Anton are sent to a local shop to source ingredients for the feast. And turns out it's a complete first for Tommy.

“I’ve never been [food] shopping in my entire life," he admits in the Beach Hut. "But I am ready to shop until I drop.”

As you’ve probably guessed, it doesn’t quite go to plan with the trio struggling to understand the locals, with Tommy – now lodged in a shopping trolley, lollipop in hand – failing to translate. This is just after he confuses green beans with asparagus.

Finally, when the three grab all the grub they need, Anton decides that a female shop worker is actually “quite fit” and scribbles down his phone number for her. A great idea, presuming you ignore the gaping language barrier and the fact Anton isn’t allowed to make calls inside the villa.

On arriving back home, news of Anton’s half-jokingly flirting soon spreads around the dinner tables as he claims to Belle he's loyal and likes to "treat my girlfriend like a princess".

Is Anton heading for a full-blown argument with Belle when she finds out? Could he be saying hello to the single life once more? And – most importantly – will any of the islanders survive Tommy Fury’s cooking to find out?

Elsewhere on the island, there’s also growing tension in the Curtis, Maura and Francesca love triangle after a sensual massage.

During some downtime in the villa, Curtis treats Maura to a backrub on the day beds – and it does NOT go down well with Francesca, who looks on from the other side of the garden. "I just think... [have a bit of] respect," she says to the girls. "I did say he could get to know her, but he's really getting to know her now!"

Later that evening, Francesca makes her thoughts known to Curtis, telling him: “I did find it a little disrespectful. I find that quite full-on.”

And just to make things even more awkward, it's a comment a visibly irritated Maura hears from a nearby table – a reaction we're guessing will be turned into a gif before you can say "stop putting ketchup on that dessert, Tommy".


Love Island is on 9pm tonight, ITV2


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