It’s a sad, sad day for fans of The Apprentice – this year’s beloved candidate, Thomas Skinner, became the latest boardroom casualty after a shock firing alongside Marianne Rawlins.


The 28-year-old pillow salesman was given the boot (or the finger, of sorts) by Lord Sugar after failing to impress in the music industry task, which marked his eighth loss in nine weeks.

But despite the shock firing, Thomas is cheerful about his exit, making it clear there’s no hard feelings against Lord Sugar.

“Lord Sugar and I are from a similar background,” he told “Where he grew up in Hackney is where I grew up as well. I’ve worked the same markets he would have worked.

“He’s been extremely successful and I really do look up to him. He's a great man and to share a few jokes with him was a different class.”

And while Lord Sugar said he would have “taken Thomas to war” with him, the pair may be going somewhere a little more civil in the future.

“When we going to war then?” he joked, before adding: “It touched me. Normally he has a go at you and tells you to jog on.

“He was nice to me and I was over the moon. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. He rings me every now and then for a pint."

When asked whether they'd managed to sink a cold one together, he replied: "Not yet."

Thomas The Apprentice (BBC)

Thomas’s lack of the success in the process hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his business plan, which would have seen him expand his business, The Fluffy Pillow Company – but hinted that he may look towards further media opportunities.

“The show’s been a blessing in disguise, as I’m getting more orders,” he said.

“I’m always going to do okay, Lord Sugar could see that to me. He said to me, you’re fine mate. Because I’m a grafter, I work hard, and I’ll do whatever I’ve got to do to get there.

"I never really thought about telly in a million years since before the show. I’m open-minded, if anyone wants to give me a job, I’d go head first. I had a few celebrities message me, I won’t name names, but they were saying I should be on the telly more. I’m seeing what I can make a few quid out of! That’s the truth.”

And should Thomas dive headfirst into a media career, he already has a ready-made catchphrase.

“I’ve always said 'bosh'!” he laughed. “Getting work done? Bosh! Going down the pub? Bosh. I was walking round Tesco’s the other day and all I could hear was bosh. I like it, it’s funny.”


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