If this year is indeed the last series of Big Brother on Channel 5, then housemates Lewis F and Anamélia are making sure that it goes out with a bang (presumably one that goes on for about five hours, just like Sting).

The pair pricked viewer interest on Sunday night when they got into a deep and intense discussion about their attitudes towards sex, and their shared interest in tantric sex. Let's just say... they have a lot in common.

Anamélia kicked things off by explaining that she is celibate because she can no longer have sex with someone if she is not in love with them, saying "I can be sexually attracted but I can't let you in."

Lewis went on to explain that he feels similar, and has been looking for something more than one-night stands, which led to him studying the 'tantra' and "how to experience full body orgasms and separate ejaculation from orgasm."

"Yes!" replied Anamélia. "That's what I do! But it's been hard for me to meet someone who already knows how to do it cos I'm sick of teaching... I'm just like 'ahh, I just wanna meet someone who already knows so that we can just get there'."

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It is such a rare and beautiful privilege to witness that first spark of chemistry, those initial embers of attraction, that electrifying moment when the air seems to crackle around a couple and all you can think of is, 'these guys are going to have so much tantric sex, and then they are probably going to go on and on for ages about the tantric sex, because that's all that people who have tantric sex seem to do, apart from having tantric sex.'

Big Brother is dead, long live Big Brother.

Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5 at 10pm