Big Brother 2014: Who is Matthew Davies?

The 23-year-old from Hertfordshire is a self-confessed troublemaker and drama queen and describes himself as "stereotypically feminine"

Name: Matthew Davies


Age: 23

From: Hertfordshire

Occupation: Media graduate

Twitter account? @MatthewDavies_

Three things you should know… 

* Matthew claims to be a troublemaker, deliberately provocative and “a bit of a prima donna and drama queen.” Within his friendship group he is always the “centre of attention making everything about me”.

* Matthew describes himself as “stereotypically feminine” and “camp”. He wears makeup including foundation, concealer and eyeliner and says he’s often questioned about his sexuality but has been with his girlfriend for five years.


* He is “not the typical 23-year-old Jewish boy,” and “like[s] the fact I don’t fit in.”