Adam Collard reveals the sneaky way Love Islanders found out about World Cup scores

Turns out the villa does have a way of getting news of the outside world

Adam Collard and Gareth Southgate (ITV, Getty, HF)

One of the biggest surprises on this year’s Love Island wasn’t Wes running off with Megan, Georgia and Jack’s kiss or even Dr Alex’s success at finding love (with cars) – it was actually when we discovered that the Islanders had no idea how well England were doing in the World Cup.


The series’ producers have kept the villa in the dark throughout the tournament due to Love Island’s need to isolate contestants from the outside world, and many fans couldn’t help but be amused by all the sporting drama they were missing out on.

Or so we thought – because ex-islander Adam Collard has now revealed that the contestants aren’t quite as unaware as the series would have us believe, thanks to some judicious grilling every time someone new enters the villa.

“Nobody is aware of anything,” Collard told Heart FM.

“The only information you get is when there is a new bombshell or a new islander coming into the house and then you start quizzing them.

“We’re not supposed to ask, but when Sam Bird came into the house we pestered the life out of him and then he told us the England score for the first game, and then the girls in Casa Amor told us the second score.

“But the producers really don’t tell us anything.”

Obviously, these moments didn’t make it into the finished programme – Sam Bird talking about football for an hour might put off even the most die-hard Love Island fans – but it’s interesting to know the Islanders aren’t quite as clueless as we thought.

Plus, now they’re in the envious position of not knowing about England’s defeat at the hands of Croatia in the second semi-final, meaning that in their minds, England could still go all the way. Truly, ignorance is bliss.


Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9.00pm