Race Across the World sneak peek sees Emon and Jamiul risk their lead

The contestants decide to take a sightseeing detour to Peru's natural wonder, the Rainbow Mountain

Race Across the world

Race Across the World returns tonight for episode four of season two, and a sneak peek released by the BBC has revealed that frontrunners Emon and Jamiul will be taking a scenic detour – and potentially risking their lead.


The pair decide to embark on an expedition up Peru’s famous landmark Rainbow Mountain and trek to the summit -standing at 5,200 metres, over 400 metres higher than Europe’s tallest peak, Mount Blanc.

The mountain’s colourful stripes (the result of 14 different minerals) were only revealed in 2015, when climate change caused the snow to melt.

Jamiul, an Asthma sufferer, struggles in the high altitude, but seems determined to reach the peak and maintain “mind over matter”, declaring, “If I can do this, I can do a hell of a lot more”.

In the clip, the pair also face “adverse weather” and snow as they climb up the mountain, accompanied by a herd of decorated llamas.

Screenshot from BBC Two's Race Across the World
Screenshot from BBC Two’s Race Across the World

And of course, the longer they spend struggling up the mountain, the shorter their lead over the other race competitors…

Take a look at the preview clip and tune in tonight to see how the pair’s sightseeing will impact their lead in the race.


Race Across the World returns tonight, Sunday 29th March at 8pm on BBC Two. Stuck for something to watch in the meantime? Check out what else is on with our TVGuide