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Gaz Beadle’s new MTV show sends grandparents on spring break for top bantz

“To stay in Cancun, they must obey one rule: Party Hard or Go Home”

Published: Tuesday, 10th January 2017 at 12:53 pm

Gary “Gaz” Beadle, ultimate lad and casanova of Geordie Shore, is launching a new show on MTV where he sends six grandparents to Cancun for spring break.


The geriatric jet setters will have to “prove that they are the biggest party animals on the planet” – and if they’re not mental or bantz enough, Gaz will be sending them home... on their laz.

"To stay in Cancun, they must obey one rule: Party Hard or Go Home.” And who better to judge this than Gaz Beadle?


The proper legend who’d always leave the club with a bird on his arm. Whose Twitter bio is “Gaz..I do what every other lad does I just do it on tv”. And who, it turns out, has an app called Gaz Bantz with “over 130 PROPA exclusive emojis” so that you can “have some quality bantz with the Geordies”.

The contestants of the debut series look like propa dece people. Here’s 70-year-old Joyce, channeling Marilyn Monroe.


Then we’ve got 62-year-old taxi driver, Andy. “Andy used to work as a stripper and has been with over 600 women in his time.”


Gary’s own granddad Raymond will be there 'avin it large, too (sorry, that's more Essex than Geordie).


“Hold tight as there will be bants, lots of sun and of course, drama. Just remember – what happens on Spring Break stays on Spring Break!” Lucky it's only on MTV then...


Spring Break with Grandad begins on MTV at 10pm on Monday 6th February


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