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First look at Celebrity Snoop Dogs

Channel 4's barking mad new show debuts next week - and we have an exclusive preview.

Snoop Dogs
Channel 4
Published: Friday, 19th June 2020 at 11:30 am

Channel 4's barking mad new show Celebrity Snoop Dogs, which sees a bunch of pet dogs spy on their celebrity owners, is debuting next Friday.


And in a first look clip exclusive to, viewers can see the snooping pooches fitted with cameras as they prepare for their daring mission.

A voice over says, "What better way to see our favourite celebrity homes than through the eyes of those who know them best - their snooping dogs.

"Join us on a marvellous mystery tour guide, and follow the clues to the owners identity..."

Each 30-minute episode of the show will follow two of the secret agent canines as they show off the upstairs and downstairs of their celebrity owners' homes - with viewers following clues as they attempt to decipher the identity of the famous property owner.

Sean Doyle, deputy head of features and formats at Channel 4, has said of the show, “I didn’t want lockdown to stifle creative conversations and Celebrity Snoop Dogs is a perfect example of a reactive and outside of the box commission.

"We’ve come up a wonderfully ridiculous spin on filming in lockdown that only Channel 4 could get away with.

"We hope families enjoy playing along whilst getting a healthy dose of doggy mischief and celebrities’ lush properties and home interiors.”

While the identities of the celebs are being kept firmly under wraps, Channel 4 has revealed some info about the dogs through a series of 'interviews.'

For example, one of the dogs set to feature is a Lhasa Apso who 'says', "I’m a very good boy - the naughtiest thing I do would be stealing underwear," while another participant is a black Shar Pei’s who barks, "I’m also known as the ‘Phantom Pooer’ as I sometimes make mistakes in the bedroom."

We can't wait to find out their mystery owners...


Celebrity Snoop Dogs starts Friday 26th June at 8:30pm on Channel 4. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV guide.


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