The world may all be talking about Logan Roy at the moment, but Brian Cox will be returning to our screens in an entirely new venture very soon.


He's set to star as a James Bond villain in a new Bond-inspired unscripted reality show that's set to air on Prime Video. The show, 007’s Road to a Million, will be filmed in many iconic Bond locations and will see contestants in two-person teams tested on intelligence, endurance and heroism in a bid to win £1 million.

Cox will appear throughout the show as 'The Controller', the “enigmatic character who controls the fate of the contestants” and lurks in the shadows, according to Amazon.

Described as “villainous and cultured”, he is set to revel "in the increasingly difficult journeys and questions the contestants must overcome".

The show will take place across the world in locations like the Scottish Highlands, Venice and Jamaica and will see the contestants having to correctly answer questions hidden in different places to advance to the next challenge.

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Speaking about his new role, Cox said: “I got to see how ordinary people would cope with being on a James Bond adventure. As they travel the world to some of the most iconic Bond locations, it gets more intense and nail-biting. I enjoyed my role as both villain and tormentor, with license to put the hopeful participants through the mangle.”

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The fourth season of Succession may still currently be under way, but the upcoming episodes are without Cox after his surprise death in season 4 episode 3.

Cox had previously revealed more about his character in the new season of Succession, stating: “Logan is an entity and he is a very misunderstood entity because he's a lonely man. He's a deeply miserable man. And his big Achilles heel is he loves his children."

He continued: "If he didn't love his children, he’d be a lot happier. And how can you love that bunch of no-hopers? And that's what the show is about: these entitled children who think that they own the world and they don't."

007’s Road to a Million will air on Prime Video later this year – you can sign up now for a free 30-day Prime Video trial.

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