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8 of the best - and worst - Bodyguard fan theories ahead of the series finale

Viewers are still no closer to solving whodunnit in the BBC1 hit drama

The Bodyguard finale
Published: Sunday, 23rd September 2018 at 8:30 pm

**Warning: spoilers for Bodyguard episode five**

When it comes to the drama of the year, everyone's a suspect.


As BBC1's smash hit series Bodyguard, starring Richard Madden as protection officer David Budd, nears its conclusion, viewers are still no closer to solving the whodunit.

Still, that hasn't stopped the nation from coming up with theories as to who killed Keeley Hawes' Home Secretary.

Here's our round-up of the best the internet's got to offer.

1. Romeo and Juliet = Budd and Montague

It's the theory that refuses to die — much like Julia Montague, apparently.

This one's been doing the rounds since episode four, and many viewers are still convinced that the recently deceased Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes) is actually alive — and waiting for Budd, the Romeo to her Juliet, to find her.

Viewers like @Alex_Goldsmith have pointed out a number of apparent references to the Bard's teenage romance — which sees Juliet fake her own death — including the name Montague, and some other (increasingly tenuous) links to back up the theory.

2. David has multiple personality disorder

Bodyguard Finale on BBC1
Bodyguard Finale on BBC1 (BBC, SD)

Who swapped the bullets in David Budd's gun for blanks? Could it be... Budd himself?

One theory rattling around the corners of the internet is that Budd actually has Dissociative Identity Disorder, and that a 'different' Budd might have swapped the bullets, seen the true contents of THAT suitcase — and killed Julia Montague...

The show has certainly focused a great deal of attention on Budd's increasingly fragile mental state — could our hero be the killer?

3. Budd was snitched on by his wife's new flame — his colleague, Tom

David and Vicky in Bodyguard

We still haven't seen Budd's wife Vicky's new flame — he hasn't appeared onscreen once, and it's starting to look suspicious.

But there's now a theory circulating that Budd's rival is in reality his police colleague, Tom.

Tom's also the one who appeared to snitch on Budd regarding his mental state during the penultimate episode — coincidence? It would explain how he knew about the bullet wound...

4. Julia's former aide Chanel is involved... and it's a family affair

Budd is right to be suspicious of Julia's former PR aide, Chanel — but what's her role in all of this? And who's driving that big black car?

The internet has offered up a range of solutions, and perhaps the most compelling links her to the mysterious 'Charlotte Foxfield', the woman named in the sexual assault file Julia is seen reading.

"Charlotte Foxfield is Chanel’s mum," one viewer wrote on Twitter. They suggested that Chanel and the Range Rover driver — potentially her brother — have been making a tidy sum blackmailing the Prime Minister ever since, and killed Julia when it become clear that she would make a bid for leadership.

5. CHANEL is Vicky's new girlfriend

What's to say Budd's estranged wife Vicky doesn't swing the other way? Her new lover is at this rate bound to be someone integral to the Bodyguard plot, and there's definitely more to Chanel than first meets the eye.

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6. Richard Longcross is Vicky's new boyfriend

Richard Longcross in Bodyguard, BBC
Richard Longcross in Bodyguard, BBC

That's right, it's another 'who's-Vicky's-new-boyfriend' theory.

Some viewers are convinced that the mysterious Richard Longcross — is he a spook? Or something else? — is actually Vicky's new boyfriend, which would explain how the security services seem to know so much about him, and why she's acting so weird about it all.

7. Budd is conspiring with would-be bomber Nadia

Nadia in Bodyguard

At first Budd and would-be bomber Nadia's relationship seemed sweet — or at least, as sweet as it can get when explosives are involved during your first encounter.

But is there something going on beneath the surface? Could the pair have already met prior to the dramatic train scene? And if so, who's pulling the strings?

Is Nadia manipulating Budd — was she the mastermind from the start?


Richard Madden in Bodyguard header shot

The bomb, the Death Star, the affair with Julia... none of it happened! It was all a dream —or nightmare, depending on your point of view.


The Bodyguard finale airs on BBC1 at 9pm on Sunday 23rd September


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