Bodyguard viewers struggled with the twists, turns, kompromats, Death Stars and dodgy e-fits of episode 5

There were also a lot of dashed hopes of a shocking return from the dead...

(C) World Productions - Photographer: Sophie Mutevelian

The penultimate episode of Bodyguard was an intense and plot-heavy affair – one that had many viewers re-thinking their theories, and struggling to keep up.


Taking place two episodes after the sensational death of Keeley Hawes’s Home Secretary Julia Montague, expectations were high for a surprise return.

But then doubt started to creep in…

Meanwhile, people had artistic critiques of the e-fit of the mysterious Richard Longcross…

And there was a lot of talk of the show’s continuing use of ‘kompromat’, the Russian term for ‘compromising materials’ which has been made famous by the allegations that swirl around US president Donald Trump.

But mostly, viewers were simply enthralled, bored, or just confused. This was, after all, an episode mostly concerned with moving various pieces into place so they’re ready for a thrilling finale – but that meant having to have paid serious attention to the show so far to understand what was going on.

And the theories and confusion only intensified once the fired (and very suspicious) PR Advisor Chanel Dyson stepped back onto the scene…

And then, to make things even more confusing, the whole thing landed on a reference Montague once made to the ‘Death Star’ – one that was heavily referenced in the ‘Previously’ trailer, but was still a tricky one to remember.

Thankfully however, some viewers were paying attention:


Bodyguard concludes on BBC1 this Sunday (23rd September) at 9pm