BBC One's The Bidding Room has become a daytime TV hit. The series, hosted by Nigel Havers, sees valuation expert Simon Bower presiding as a group of expert dealers attempt to outbid each other to buy extraordinary items brought in by the public.


From musical instruments, to jewellery and vintage items, these items wouldn't get the price sellers are asking for (or more) if it wasn't for the eager dealers.

Each episode, sellers enter the bidding room in the hope of selling their items which have been valued by Simon.

As the bidding progresses, each dealer will have an idea about what they’d prefer to pay for the item - so if the bids go beyond that, they’ll drop out until only one dealer is left standing - at which point the seller can decide whether the price is right.

So who are the Bidding Room dealers? Here's everything you need to know about them.

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Who are The Bidding Room dealers?

James Broad

Known by the others as JB, James is the youngest dealer on The Bidding Room, aged just 24-years-old. JB first became interested in antiques at the young age of 12 and he's most excited about mid-20th century items, especially furniture but will also trade in anything from religious artefacts to textiles, glassware and scientific instruments.

Jane Cave

Jane started out as a PA for the chief executive of auction house Christies. The role allowed her to build a wealth of knowledge and network of contacts, so she could eventually branch out on her own. She is based in north Norfolk and has a particular interest in decorative homeware from the 1970s, but is open to buying objects from all eras.

Natasha Francis

London-based Natasha is on a mission to make antiques appeal to a young audience. She got into the business after a successful career within the fashion industry and now runs it mainly through Instagram and other social media. When it comes to antiques, it's all about functionality for Natasha. She loves Victorian silverware, any other antique cutlery and furniture. She also loves buying antique suitcases and chests that can be repurposed to have a life beyond luggage.

Moses Otunla

Moses originally trained as an engineer, while collecting and dealing in antiques at auction in his spare time. He eventually started earning enough money to make the leap and go full-time, opening his own shop in South London. He loves all things mid-20th century but will also trade in everything from Scandi wooden ornaments to Baroque style water fountains.

Ian Humphries

The more weird and wonderful, the better for Ian. He’s particularly interested in items between the 17th and 20th century. He loves browsing car boot sales and antique centres, in search of hidden gems.

Adi (Adrian) Higham

Adi started dealing 30 years ago when he was just 21. After a chance buy of a bike, which he sold for ten time more than he paid for it, he decided to work full-time as a dealer. He particularly loves toys and anything that puffs steam or smoke, but he’s happy to buy practically anything from furniture to textiles!

Lucy Ryder Richardson

Events organiser and interior designer Lucy has been in the antiques business for more than 14 years. Previously a print journalist, she got into dealing after buying a painting for £500 and selling it for many times more at auction. She loves items from the 1940s, 50s and 60s, and is especially into Scandinavian furniture and post WW2 chairs.

James Gooch

James steers clear of restored pieces, as he reckons that restoration wipes the history from an object. He originally worked in TV, but gave it up to pursue a love of antiques first working in antique shops, before setting up his own store. He loves buying Victorian and early 20th century items, but one of his favourite buys was a white marble angel that had come from an old graveyard.


The Bidding Room is on weekdays on BBC One at 4.30pm. To find out what else is on in the meantime, check out our TV Guide.