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Great British Bake Off winner Peter reveals stressful bake which 'gives him nightmares'

The Scottish student says this bake was his "bane throughout the entire process".

Great British Bake Off 2020 contestant
Channel 4
Published: Wednesday, 25th November 2020 at 12:34 pm

Considering he nabbed star baker and came first on the technical twice, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume Great British Bake Off winner Peter Sawkins breezed through the competition.


In fact, when most of his fellow contestants were vowing never to eat chocolate again and having meltdowns over melting ice cream cakes, the Scottish student was happily pulling off some of the most complex bakes in the series - the occasional "Jeepers creepers!" notwithstanding.

But, speaking on BBC Radio Two's Breakfast show this morning, Peter revealed the one bake that really made him question his abilities.

"It was in the quarter final, it was just my bane throughout the entire process, and that was the jelly cake," he said. "I’m so proud that I managed to get a standing up jelly cake out, but that one still gives me nightmares everyone once in a while."

The Christmas-themed jelly showstopper he produced for dessert week almost cost him his place in the competition, so it's no wonder he was a bit shaken by it.

As for how he celebrated his historic win - he is the youngest Bake Off winner since the series began and the first Scottish winner - Peter said it was "quite relaxed".

"It was a shame that we couldn’t do a big party... but we had a lovely time, the four of us in the flat, nice and chilled out. I made a cake. We ate that alongside it. It was a really lovely time."

The final, which attracted 9.2 million viewers, was a close call between Peter and fellow contestant Dave, whose redemption cake ultimately didn't quite cut it.


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