Swedish Netflix drama Young Royals follows a fictional royal prince who is packed off to a prestigious boarding school following an indiscretion.


The teenage Prince Wilhelm (played by Edvin Ryding) is initially resentful of the move, but soon discovers that his school place offers him new freedom, and the chance to explore his sexuality away from public life.

The series is mainly set at the fictional Hillerska, a Swedish boarding school that houses and trains the nation's most privileged teenagers.

Read on for everything you need to know about the filming locations in Young Royals.

Where is the boarding school Hillerska filmed?

The majority of the series is filmed at Kaggeholms slott, in Ekerö outside of Stockholm, the Swedish capital.

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Kaggeholms slott (otherwise known as Kaggeholms Castle) is a historic manor-style building, which stands in for the prestigious mixed boarding school Hillerska, where Prince Wilhelm is forced to attend.

Much of the series is set outdoors, in the school's picturesque grounds where students spend their free time, hold parties (over which you might hear the catchy Young Royals soundtrack), and, in Wilhelm's case, practise with his fellow rowing club members.

Where are the royal palace scenes in Young Royals filmed?

Young Royals (Johan Paulin/Netflix)

The royal palace scenes, where we first meet Prince Wilhelm and his parents and older brother, are filmed at Stora Sundby castle, in Eskilstuna.

In the first episode, Wilhelm must film a scripted apology on-camera while sitting beside his family. This is also the moment he announces that he'll be transferring to Hillerska immediately.

Where was Simon and Sara's house filmed?

The house where "non-res" students Sara (played by Frida Argento) and Simon (Omar Rudberg) live with their mother is located in Stenhamra, outside of Stockholm.

Meanwhile the show's football scenes from episode two are filmed at Träkvistavallen.

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