You never know what's going to be a hit on Netflix these days, with a wide variety of international dramas finding huge audiences that they would have missed entirely before the streaming era began.


The latest to enjoy that boost is the French historical drama Women at War, which takes us back to the traumatic early days of World War I, examining events from the perspective of four women in the middle of the conflict.

Besides the powerful subject matter, viewers may have been drawn in by actor Tchéky Karyo, who has become a familiar face from his roles in The Missing and Baptiste.

The series also features rising French stars Audrey Fleurot, Julie de Bona, Camille Lou, Sofia Essaïdi and Sandrine Bonnaire, who have hooked viewers with their moving performances.

As the series continues to climb up through Netflix UK's top ten charts, read on for everything you need to know about the cast of Women at War.

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Women at War cast: Full list of actors and characters in Netflix drama

  • Audrey Fleurot as Marguerite de Lancastel
  • Julie de Bona as Mère Supérieure Agnès
  • Camille Lou as Suzanne Faure
  • Sofia Essaïdi as Caroline Dewitt
  • Sandrine Bonnaire as Éléonore Dewitt
  • Tchéky Karyo as Général Duvernet
  • Laurent Gerra as Abbé Vautrin
  • Tom Leeb as Joseph Duvernet
  • Yannick Choirat as Marcel Dumont
  • Grégoire Colin as Charles Dewitt

Read on for more information on the cast and who they play.

Audrey Fleurot plays Marguerite de Lancastel

The cast of Women at War.
(L-R) Julie de Bona, Sofia Essaidi, Audrey Fleurot and Camille Lou in Women at War TF1

Who is Marguerite de Lancastel? Marguerite is a Parisian prostitute who at the start of the series is seeking work in a local brothel.

Where have I seen Audrey Fleurot? Fleurot is known for appearing in series such as HPI: Haut Potentiel Intellectuel, Spiral, Call My Agent! and Safe, as well as the films Untouchable and Midnight in Paris.

Julie de Bona plays Mère Supérieure Agnès

Julie de Bona (left).

Who is Mère Supérieure Agnès? Agnès is the Mother Superior of a convent which gets transformed into a war hospital.

Where have I seen Julie de Bona? De Bona is known for appearing in series such as Plan B and A Wonderful Family, as well as films including Days of Glory.

Camille Lou plays Suzanne Faure

Camille Lou (left)

Who is Suzanne Faure? Suzanne is a nurse who at the start of the series attempts to flee to Switzerland.

Where have I seen Camille Lou? Lou has previously appeared in series such as Je te promets and The Red Band Society, and films including Play and New Biz in the Hood.

Sofia Essaïdi plays Caroline Dewitt

Sofia Essaïdi as Caroline Dewitt

Who is Caroline Dewitt? Caroline is a woman who becomes the head of her family's factory after her husband is called up to the army.

Where have I seen Sofia Essaïdi? Essaïdi is known for appearing films such as Overdose and Nostalgia, and series including The Promise and Kepler(s).

Sandrine Bonnaire plays Éléonore Dewitt

Sandrine Bonnaire as Éléonore Dewitt
TF1/Quad Drama/Caroline Dubois

Who is Éléonore Dewitt? Éléonore is Charles's mother, Caroline's mother-in-law and the matriarch of the Dewitt household.

Where have I seen Sandrine Bonnaire? Bonnaire is best known for her film appearances, including in Vagabond, La Cérémonie and To Our Loves.

Tchéky Karyo plays Général Duvernet

Tchéky Karyo as Général Duvernet (right)

Who is Général Duvernet? Duvernet is a general and the father of Joseph, a military doctor.

Where have I seen Tchéky Karyo? Karyo is perhaps best known for British audiences as Julien Baptiste in both The Missing and Baptiste, while he has also appeared in series such as The Eddy and Genius, and films such as The Patriot and Kiss of the Dragon.

Laurent Gerra plays Abbé Vautrin

Laurent Gerra as Abbé Vautrin (right)

Who is Abbé Vautrin? Abbé Vautrin is a monk who Agnès comes into conflict with.

Where have I seen Laurent Gerra? Gerra is an actor and comedian known for appearing in films such as Special Correspondents and Come What May, as well as for performing numerous stand-up specials.

Tom Leeb plays Joseph Duvernet

Tom Leeb as Joseph Duvernet (left)

Who is Joseph Duvernet? Joseph is a military doctor working at Agnès's convent.

Where have I seen Tom Leeb? Leeb is known for appearing in films such as Stuck Together, Deus Ex Machina, Papillion and Overdrive.

Yannick Choirat plays Marcel Dumont

Yannick Choirat as Marcel Dumont

Who is Marcel Dumont? Marcel is the owner of a brothel in Paris and friend of Charles Dewitt.

Where have I seen Yannick Choirat? Choirat is known for appearing in films such as Rust and Bone and Mr Morgan's Last Love, as well as the series WOMEN! and Paris etc.

Grégoire Colin plays Charles Dewitt

Grégoire Colin as Charles Dewitt

Who is Charles Dewitt? Charles is Caroline's brother-in-law.

Where have I seen Grégoire Colin? Colin has appeared in films such as Nenette and Boni and Olivier, Olivier, as well as series such as Gone for Good and Napoleon wal Mahroussa.

Women at War is available to stream now on Netflix. Sign up for Netflix from £6.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.

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