Witness No. 3 star Nina Toussaint-White has unpacked the show's "shock" plot twist following its finale.


The show follows salon-owner and single mum Jodie (Toussaint-White) whose life is turned upside down when she becomes a key witness to a murder, perpetrated by a gang leader – and the gang in question will stop at nothing to silence her.

Speaking exclusively to RadioTimes.com, the Bodyguard star said that she "didn't know" the twist was coming.

**WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Witness No. 3 finale**

In the show's final episode, Detective Whelan was finally unmasked as the corrupt cop who had been feeding the gang information about Jodie, but Toussaint-White revealed she previously believed that PC Ivan Barkas (played by Sion Daniel Young) was the informant, and not Whelan (Clare Dunne).

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Witness No. 3
Nina Toussaint-White as Jodie and Clare Dunne as Whelan in Witness No. 3 ViaCom

"No I didn't know it was coming," she revealed. "Because we only had the first two scripts for ages – we were fighting to get the last scripts.

"I didn't know it was coming and... I remember thinking, after episode two, I remember going, 'Oh, my goodness it's Ivan [who's the informant]'. And going, 'How could you do this to her?' and being stuck on that for ages.

"I asked the director, I was just like, 'Is it him? Did he do it?' And so I had no idea, as an actress, and then, you know, just playing the character, of course its complete shock.

"This woman [Whelan] is the one who's been on her side ... for the whole process. This is one [person] who's been helping her seemingly and protecting her... It's only in the last few scenes where we realise it's Whelan and the penny drops for Jodie, and I think that is a shocking moment for everyone."

Witness No 3
Ruaridh Mollica as Po in Witness No. 3 Channel 5

The show's final scene also saw Jodie decide not to identify young gang member Po in a police line-up, after learning more about him and his difficult upbringing during the penultimate episode.

"I think obviously, being a mother to a young boy – how would she [Jodie] feel if her son got into this situation? How would she feel if she knew that her son was backed up against a wall and had no other way out? She'd want someone to take a chance on him," Jodie said of her character's decision.

Additional reporting by Abby Robinson.

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