Vikram Seth's epic novel A Suitable Boy is about the fates of two interweaving families, and focuses on the plight of Lata Mehra, a young Indian woman and university student whose mother is determined to find her a "suitable boy".


In the book, Lata does get married in the end - but first she must choose between three very different suitors, each of whom appeals to a different facet of her character, and represents a certain period of her life and development.

Her difficult choice is one of the reasons why this sprawling book is such a page turner, with readers eager to learn who Lata ends up with - and it's the same question viewers of the BBC adaptation have been asking. Read on for everything you need to know.

Who are Lata's suitors in A Suitable Boy?

A Suitable Boy
(L-R, standing) Amit, Haresh, and Kabir in A Suitable Boy BBC Pictures

In the book and the television series, Lata has three main suitors: Kabir Durrani (played by Danesh Razvi), Amit Chatterji (Mikhail Sen), and Haresh Khanna (Namit Das).

Kabir Durrani

Kabir Durrani is Lata's first love, a fellow university student whom she meets and falls for - before learning that he is Muslim, and will never be accepted by her family.

Speaking to and other press, Tanya Maniktala said, "Kabir the first suitor is [Lata's] university lover, a guy she comes across in her university in the library, and Lata has this very wild, very free side with Kabir that's she never really had before, she's very passionate with him."

Amit Chatterji

Amit Chatterji is Lata's second potential suitor - an English-educated young man she meets in Calcutta, and with whom she shares a meeting of the minds, bonding over their love of literature.

A Suitable Boy
Lata and Amit in A Suitable Boy BBC Pictures

Haresh Khanna

Haresh Khanna is the third suitor, the sweet-tempered and practical owner of a shoe factory, whom Lata's mother approves of.

Who does Lata end up with in A Suitable Boy?

*Warning: huge spoilers ahead for Vikram Seth's book A Suitable Boy*

A Suitable Boy
A Suitable Boy BBC Pictures

In the book of the same name, written by Vikram Seth, Lata decides to go with the sensible choice her mother would have wanted her to - and ends up with Haresh Khanna, the shoe-maker, leaving Kabir heartbroken.

Episode six of the BBC/Netflix adaptation hasn't yet aired at the time of writing, but Tanya Maniktala previously hinted that her character Lata would make the same choice in the show as she does in the book.

Speaking to and other press prior to the TV show's first episode, Maniktala said of her character: "Of course she does [have a choice], and it's what her heart says that she actually does. It is not under the influence of her mother, because at the end of the day it's Lata who is going to go through all of those things."

A Suitable Boy airs on BBC One on Sundays at 9pm for UK and Irish viewers, and will be available on Netflix internationally. The series is also available on BBC iPlayer.


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