A haunting adaptation of Susan Hill’s The Small Hand: A Ghost Story is coming to Channel 5. The book by the The Woman In Black author will come to life as a two-hour drama, airing on Channel 5 in the UK.


When is The Small Hand on?

CONFIRMED: Susan Hill's Ghost Story – The Small Hand airs at 9pm on Thursday 26th December (Boxing Day) on Channel 5

What is The Small Hand about?

Directed by Justin Molotnikov (previous works include: Poldark, Merlin and Atlantis), viewers can expect a gripping, eerie and spookily haunting drama based on the book of the same name by Susan Hill (award winning author and “queen of horror" behind the short story The Woman in Black) and co-produced by Two Rivers Media and Awesome Media & Entertainment.

In the novel version of The Small Hand, the protagonist is Adam Snow, a dealer in rare and antiquarian books. The novel starts with Snow getting lost as he returns home from a meeting with wealthy clients. He stumbles across a derelict, ostensibly abandoned house. He gets out of the car to explore his dilapidated surroundings. Standing there, as he observes the desolation, Snow feels a small hand creeping into his own. And that is where the haunting begins.

Channel 5's strikingly modern adaptation has been brought to life by writer Barbara Machin, creator of BBC’s long-running crime drama, Walking the Dead.

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Jeff Norton, Founder on Awesome, said: “Susan Hill’s The Small Hand: A Ghost Story exemplifies our book-to-screen creative strategy; a perfect alchemy of brilliant source material, inspired adaptation, and great production partners. Between Susan Hill’s iconic novel and Barbara Machin’s inspired screenplay, we have developed a haunting, nuanced ghost story that is destined to become a future classic.”

Who will star in The Small Hand?

Douglas Henshall, Neve McIntosh and Louise Lombard are set to star in this stellar cast. Henshall has been cast as Adam Snow; Lombard as Adam’s secret lover, Alice Merriman; and McIntosh as Denisa Parsons.


Others joining the cast include: Adrian Rawlins as Edward Merriman, Cal MacAninch as Hugo Snow, Maryam Hamidi as Benedicta and Paul Barber as Thierry.