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The Secrets She Keeps explained - the biggest questions so far

Unpicking the premiere of the Australian domestic thriller on BBC One.

Published: Tuesday, 7th July 2020 at 11:27 am

Australian thriller series The Secrets She Keeps aired its first episode on BBC One last night, and already there's been a huge twist and more than a sprinkling of drama.


The six-parter, which stars Laura Carmichael (Downton Abbey) and Jessica De Gouw (Arrow), is based on Michael Robotham’s best-selling novel of the same name, which in turns takes its inspiration from a real life case in the UK. (Follow the link for more on the true story behind The Secret She Keeps.)

After watching the first instalment, viewers already have all sorts questions about the action that's unfolded – but never fear, we've done our best to answer those below - so read on if you were captivated by episode one.

Why is Agatha pretending to be pregnant?

The big reveal at the end of episode one (although some viewers say they saw the twist coming a mile off) was that Agatha was not actually pregnant after all - she was faking it and falsely informing her ex and his family that she was expecting.

So what were her reasons for doing so? Well it centres on Meghan, a social media influencer who actually is pregnant and with whom Agatha has a rather unhealthy obsession. Agatha is desperate for a partner and her baby and for the chance to live Meghan's seemingly idyllic life, trying her best to get as close to her as possible.


Who is trolling Meghan's blog?

Meghan is a blogger and social media influencer who regularly gives her followers updates about her life and her pregnancy - and over the course of the first episode we discover that the blog has been attracting some pretty nasty comments and abuse from a user with the moniker Mother Superior, who is able to keep commenting even after she has been blocked.

But who is this Mother Superior? Well, while we can't say her identity with absolute certainty it would seem very likely that Agatha is behind the account - or at the very least has some kind of connection to it, unless Meghan has two stalkers, which you have to admit would be particularly unfortunate.

What's wrong with Jack?

Agatha might believe that Meghan's life is perfect, but as the episode unfolds it becomes increasingly clear that this is a false assumption - there is undoubtedly something going on with her husband Jack and it seems their marriage is far from the idealistic one that Aggie believe is to be, with their relationship having significantly deteriorated since she became pregnant.

So what's going on? Well, the answer could lie in Jack's reaction to a seemingly joking question that Meghan poses to him one night in bed. She asks, "how many other women are pregnant with your baby?" and his response - a sort of uncomfortable dismissal of the question without really addressing it - seems to indicate that maybe Jack has been unfaithful.

Is Aggie going to steal Meghan's baby?

This is the big question – viewers will no doubt me guessing what directions the show will take in the coming weeks and one very possible suggestion is that Agatha is planning on kidnapping the baby Meghan is currently pregnant with.

Let's look at the facts: Agatha is pretending to be pregnant, trying her best to get as close as possible to a woman who is pregnant and with whom she has no prior connection to and seems to be at best a little unstable. Put it this way - a kidnapping certainly can't be ruled out!


The Secrets She Keeps continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One – check out what else is on with our TV Guide


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