The 100 – What’s it about, who’s in the cast and can I watch it on Netflix?

As the apocalypse comes to an end, can you watch CW's The 100 on Netflix?

The CW

It’s Sky People versus Grounders as The 100 adapts Kass Morgan’s Young Adult book series into a sci-fi spectacle. The 100 is a long-running teen drama on The CW that had been compared to Lord of the Flies meets The Hunger Games, meets Lost. With The 100 commissioned for a seventh (and final season), get ready to say “May we meet again” one last time.


Where to watch The 100 in the UK?

The 100 is currently not available on Netflix. Season 1-5 of The 100 are available on Amazon Prime Video in the UK. You can also buy The 100 on iTunes – Buy now

What is The 100 about?

Following the remnants of the human race a century after Earth was blasted with nuclear fallout, The 100 starts on a space station out in the depths of the cosmos. Adults aboard the Ark send 100 child delinquents back down to Earth to check whether the planet is safe to inhabit again.

Early seasons involve a power struggle with the clan-like Grounders, cannibalistic Reapers and bunker-dwelling Mountain Men. The surviving members of the 100 are soon whittled down, but their chances are bolstered by the arrival of the Ark’s adults. An artificial intelligence known as A.L.I.E. is revealed as the big bad, launching the original nuclear attack to solve Earth’s over-population.

Season 4 and 5 see Earth struggling with an even bigger threat when various nuclear reactors go into meltdown due to decades of neglect. 96% of the world will become uninhabitable again, leading to a bitter race to a bunker that can only hold 1,200 people. A second battle for the planet’s only green spot continues, while some decide to head into space and enter cryosleep until Earth is free of radiation once again.

The sixth season has the last of the 100 finding themselves on a strange new world known as Alpha. Just as the rest of the series has taught fans, there are plenty of threats still out there. As the heroes struggle to adapt to life on Alpha, a sinister cult known as the Children of Gabriel could be their most dangerous enemy yet.

Who is in The 100?

The 100 is led by Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin. Clarke is the no-nonsense and rebellious leader of the 100, ruling alongside Bob Morley’s Bellamy Blake. Clarke and Bellamy share something of a complicated relationship, with many fans shipping Bellarke as the show’s ultimate couple before the final credits roll.

Marie Avgeropoulos plays Bellamy’s brother, Octavia. Given one of The 100’s biggest arcs, Octavia is a brutal and more hardened version of the character viewers first met. Paige Turco plays Abby Griffin – Clarke’s mother and chief medical officer on the Ark.

Lost’s Henry Ian Cusick portrays Councillor Marcus Kane and eventually become’s Abby’s love interest. Grey’s Anatomy’s Isaiah Washington stars as the leader of the Ark, Thelonious Jaha. Elsewhere, Lindsey Morgan Ricky Whittle, Tasya Teles, Christopher Larkin, and Shannon Kook are all part of the main cast.

How many seasons of The 100 are there?

There are currently six seasons on The 100 available to watch. The show recently wrapped its sixth season, with the upcoming seventh confirmed to be the last.

Season 5 felt like a reboot of the story as the action jumped five years into the future. However, this was nothing compared to the change of pace when season 6 picked up the story 125 years later and on a brand new planet.

The shocking season 6 finale put the pieces in place for The 100’s final season, but what will happen to Abby and the rest of the survivors?

How many episodes of The 100 are there?

The 100 consists of 13 episodes in its first season, followed by a second and third season of 16 episodes. Season 4-6 returned to 13-episode orders, while season 7 will reportedly round off with a final run of 16 episodes. Given that showrunner Jason Rothenberg knows The 100 is coming to an end, expect him to round off this dystopian disaster show in style.

When Rothenberg announced season 7 would be the last, writer/producer Kim Shumway shared the sad news on Twitter and added her own comment:

“This is a gift. Getting to end the show as we wish is a rare blessing. All the gratitude to WB and The CW for their support over the years. 100 episodes of #The100. What a ride.”

It’s surely no coincidence that The 100 will end on its centenary episode.

Where was The 100 filmed?

The 100 has been filmed in the green backdrop of Canada for the entirety of its run. Famous landmarks include Lynn Canyon Park’s Twin Falls, the old Vancouver zoo, and the picturesque Minaty Bay. Season 1 and 2 spent plenty of time turning locations like British Columbia’s Britannia Mine Museum into the formidable Mount Weather.

Speaking at Dystopia 2 2018, the cast admitted they didn’t think The 100 would be renewed for a second season. There was the memorable appearance of a panther in the season 3 premiere, with a real animal being used along with the fake version. Taylor’s stunt double had to actually film scenes with a real-life big cat.

Although The 100 usually has a rural setting, season 3’s City of Light was filmed in downtown Vancouver. Other locations like Camp Arkadia were built using CGI and practical sets. Sadly, Vancouver Film Studios doesn’t offer behind-the-scenes tours of its famous sets.


With season 6 having only just come to an end, it’s unclear where season 7 will be set or where filming will take place. Fans can presumably expect Canada to be another prime filming location for the last 16 episodes.