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Sweet Magnolias ending explained: Who was in the car with Kyle?

We break down the cliffhanger ending of Netflix's latest hit drama.

Published: Friday, 5th June 2020 at 12:52 pm

The latest binge-worthy Netflix drama to have left viewers eager for more episodes is Sweet Magnolias.


The series, which is based on a popular series of novels by author Sherryl Woods, follows three lifelong friends living in the small town Serenity in South Carolina - and ended on a huge cliffhanger.

We've broken down exactly what happened below...

Sweet Magnolias ending explained

First let's get up to speed with events prior to the ending.: the series starts with Maddie calling upon her friends Dana Sue and Helen for support, after her marriage falls apart when her husband is unfaithful.

Dana Sue and Helen then invite Maddie to be the manager of a new spa they are creating in a refurbished old house, but the refurbishment causes all sorts of problems - including a run-in with the former owner's nephew Ryan, who also happens to be Helen's ex-boyfriend.

Soon Helen gets back together with Ryan - but they almost instantly have relationship troubles, while Dana Sue is also struggling after her husband cheated on her, and Maddie starts a new relationship with Cal - who is her son Tyler's basketball coach.

This further breaks down Maddie's family, Tyler finds it difficult to accept his mother's new relationship while Bill's attempts to win back the family fall on deaf ears - with younger son Kyle running away partly due to his unrequited feelings for Dana Sue's daughter Annie.

The final episode sees Helen break up with Ryan and Dana Sue ask for a divorce from her recently returned estranged husband - who she still has feelings for.

Meanwhile Maddie and Cal's relationship begins to break down, while her ex-husband Bill has broken up with the woman who he cheated on her with and is attempting to reconcile, although Maddie is not willing to forgive him.

Then at the very end, Kyle steals Tyler's car after he had pushed him away at a party - but crashes into a tree, leaving him unconscious and in urgent need of hospital treatment.

We then discover that there was also a mystery passenger in the car - who may be in even more danger...

Who was in the car with Kyle?

That's the big mystery and it will probably be explained in season two if the show is recommissioned - which looks likely based on its viewing figures so far.

There are a few contenders: it could be Tyler, Annie or Nellie - all of whom followed Kyle out of the party and so could have joined him in the car. We'll just have to wait and see...


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