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This Is Us star Sterling K Brown talks season 5 storylines

The actor has teased some 'exciting' storylines for the ensemble cast

Published: Thursday, 14th May 2020 at 2:22 pm

Emmy-winner Sterling K Brown has hinted at some upcoming storylines in This Is Us season five, including further details about how the older Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Miguel (Jon Huertas) end up together.


Brown, who in the show plays the adult version of Randall, Rebecca's adopted son and brother to twins Kevin and Kate, told Entertainment Weekly viewers should expect more backstory to the unlikely romance (Miguel was best friends with Rebecca's now-dead husband Jack).

"There should be some more backstory on the Miguel-Rebecca connection," Brown said. "I do think that that's something that we're trying to explore in season 5."

The season four finale also revealed that Madison, who attended Kate's weight support group, was pregnant with Kevin's twins.

Brown said, "It's really going to be interesting to experience the Knocked Up storyline of Madison and Kevin and how exactly that whole thing looks, because Madison is just such a wonderful character and Caitlin [Thompson, who plays Madison] does such a great job."

He also added that the next season would explore Kate and Toby's second adoption, before teasing an exciting storyline for his own character, Randall.

“There's something there for Randall that I'm really excited about,” he said. “It has to do with this exploration of past. In a similar way in which we went to Memphis [near the end of season one] to find out things about where he came from, his father's family, etc., it's going to be something very much akin to that. But with its own little unique spin on it. I don't want to say too much, but it should be cool.”

However, it's not yet known when season five will air, given current delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can check back in with for all the latest updates.

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